Microsoft announced that Outlook for Mac, one of the popular email clients and task management apps, is free for Mac users. However, Windows users still need a Microsoft 365 subscription to use all its features.

This new Outlook comes with everything you can expect from Outlook. It allows you to manage all your email inboxes, including iCloud, Yahoo, Gmail, and more. It has enterprise-grade security that ensures a safe environment while working on your stuff. All your messages, contacts, calendars, and files are well-protected.

New Features of Outlook for Mac

Some new features have recently been launched with Outlook. It is now better than before.

Download Outlook on Mac for Free with All New Features, but Windows Users Need Microsoft 365


You can continue work where you left off between your iOS and Mac devices. Outlook Profile You can connect different emails based on your profiles. This connects your email accounts to the Apple Focus experience. This ensures that you don’t get unwanted or distracting notifications when you’re in the zone.

New Peek Feature

The upcoming Calendar event is now available. The menu bar gives you a sneak peek of upcoming calendar events.

Download Outlook for Mac

Download Outlook on Mac for Free with All New Features, but Windows Users Need Microsoft 365

You can download and install the latest version of Outlook for Mac from the Mac App Store. For this, your Mac should have macOS 11 Big Sur or higher. This app is completely free, so try the update and redesign and try it out.

This seems to be a good alternative to Apple’s Mail app. For years Microsoft’s Outlook looked more native to Mac, but with the update, it looks better than Outlook for Windows. The company is also working on a new web-based Outlook for Windows app, which is expected to replace Microsoft’s UWP-based Mail and Calendar app.

It seems identical to the Outlook mobile app as it has a unified inbox, but it misses some features. It’s worth noting that Microsoft has no plans to release a web-based Outlook app for Mac. The new Outlook for Mac is a native macOS app, and the company will focus on making it even better with future updates.