Nothing has officially released the open beta for Android 13-based Nothing OS 1.4. In this guide, we will show you how to download the OTA package and install it on your smartphone. Without further delay, let’s get started

Get the Nothing OS 1.5 OTA based on Android 13

The company has been delayed in releasing this update. We have already seen other ROMs based on Android 13 available before the official release. Even after the official announcement, it is still in the beta phase and there have not been many enhancements to the build that could improve the quality of using Nothing smartphones.

Nothing OS 1.5 OTA Package: Effortlessly Sideload to Install Android 13 Beta Update
Courtesy: XDA-Developers

There is no additional software available on this device. It is possible that the company will add more in a future update, but currently there is nothing much to discuss in terms of features. This update comes with a December 5, 2022 security patch. The device has Widevine Certification L1, and payment applications are still working on it, contrary to reports that they were not functioning on their handsets

Notifications on the lock screen will start grouping; only the last two notifications will appear on the lock screen. Other notifications will be grouped together in a small pill like Google pixel’s smartphone. The company has also fixed the notification quick title, and there is now a Bluetooth pop-up which was previously missing, as this is a useful feature.

On the notification panel, there is now an active-application indicator. If any application is running, it will notify you about it. From there, you can manage applications. If there are any active applications, it will show you, and from there you can even quit individual running applications.

Similarly, there is a quick media settings feature, and the company also claims to have improved the loading speed for applications by up to 50%. This can only be confirmed after using the software for a while. In addition, Nothing has added support for Material You, which can be found under icon pack settings. To improve the gaming experience, they have optimized their game mode.

We also have a redesigned volume icon, and the slider includes individual sound control options such as media, ringtone, and tings. You also have live caption support, which can be triggered when playing any video. To activate it, simply tap on the volume button and tap on the live caption icon located below the volume slider.

Another addition is multi-language support, which can be found in the language and input settings under app language. Here, you can change the language for individual applications. This means that only the chosen applications will run in the selected language, while others will run in the default language. In addition to these features, Nothing has added a weather application, and in the quick settings, you also have a QR Scan option.

You also have the clipboard preview feature, so if you have added something to your clipboard, you will get a preview from which you can directly share everything that is copied. Nothing has also stated that they have improved the background memory usage, and they have added a self-repair feature which helps the device run smoothly by clearing the cache and removing temporary files. You will not find a dedicated setting for the self-repair feature, as it is likely to run in the background.

Download and Install Nothing Beta Firmware for Manual Sideloading | Android 13 for Phone 1

Before installing, ensure that your device is running on Nothing OS 1.1.7. It is also important to make a backup of your device, as this process is irreversible. Additionally, make sure your device is charged to at least 50% before proceeding.

Download Incremental update package

Nothing OS 1.5 (Android 13)

  • To start the process, download the OTA package and save it to your device.
  • Next, open the dialer and type *#*#682#*#* to open the Local System update page.
  • From there, tap on the browse option located in the upper-right corner of the device.
Nothing OS 1.5 OTA Package: Effortlessly Sideload to Install Android 13 Beta Update
  • Browse for the OTA package that you have downloaded.
  • After selecting the file, it will appear under the Local System update.
  • Tap on it and proceed with the confirmation. The installation process will begin.

This is an open beta, and it does not require you to join the Nothing Beta Program with the OTA package manual sideloading. However, this beta release weighs 1.15GB and is currently rolling out in stages. Nothing has scheduled the release of the stable version of Nothing OS 1.4 for early 2023.