Genshin Impact recently received its 4.0 update. The company has announced another major upgrade to the game with the Genshin Impact 4.1 update. The game is said to bring a Fountain update, which will be available in your region.

The livestream for the game is already out, and players can get free Primogems from Livestream codes, which you can redeem on the Code Redemption website.

What is new with Genshin Impact 4.1

  • New Characters: Nevilette and Wriothesley
  •  Re-runs of Hu Tao and Venti Characters
  •  There are new bosses: Experimental Field Generator and Millennial Pearl Seahorse
  •  Fountain Map Expansion
  •  Fatui Bosses in the Wild: Seneschal of Frost and Seneschal of Wind
  •  6 Genshin Impact 4.1 Events
  •  Free Primogems

It has two primary things missing for Ascension; however, it is rumored to be a DPS character.

Genshin Impact Wriiothesley

It is obtained by defeating Cryo monsters and can be found by defeating Clockwork Mekas in Fontaine: subdetection units and Tubion Devices.

Ascension MaterialNos
Tubion Device46
Shivada Jade Silver1
Shivada Jade Fragment9
Shivada Jade Chunk9
Shivada Jade Gemstone6
Subdetection Unit168
Mechanical Spur Gear / Artificed Dynamic Gears18/36/30
Talent Level-up MaterialNos
Guardian of Apep’s Oasis18
Teachings of / Guide to / Philosophies of Order9 / 63 / 114
Artificed Dynamic Gears18 / 66 / 93
Crown of Insight3

Genshin Impact Neuvilette

There are two main things for Ascension. It is also for Catalyst users rather than Hydro characters, rumored to be DPS characters.

Ascension MaterialsNos
Millennial Pearl Seahorse46
Varunada Lazurite Silver1
Varunada Lazurite Fragment9
Varunada Lazurite Chunk9
Varunada Lazurite Gemstone6
Xenochromatic Crystal18/36/30
Talent Level-up MaterialNos
Guardian of Apep’s Oasis10
Teachings of / Guide to / Philosophies of Equity9 / 63 / 114
Xenochromatic Crystal18 / 66 / 93
Crown of Insight3

Both bosses aren’t in the game as of version 4.0, so it’s not possible to farm for boss drops yet. On the other hand, materials are available except for the subdetection unit and Lumitoile. As of writing this, these materials aren’t available to farm and are currently in Fontaine. It might already be in the inventory, and it should be easier to pre-farm for Neuvilette since both the bosses and the materials will be released in version 4.1.

Genshin Impact 4.1 Release Date

The game is scheduled to update to Genshin Impact 4.1 on September 27 at 11:00 AM (UTC). Here are the expected times right after the maintenance ends, which will allow users to explore the Fontaine expansion.

RegionRelease DateUpdate Expected Time
West Coast USSep 26, 20238:00 PM PST
Central USSep 26, 202310:00 PM CST
East Coast USSep 26, 202311:00 PM EST
UKSep 27, 20234:00 AM BST
EuropeSep 27, 20235:00 AM CEST
JapanSep 27, 202312:00 PM JST
IndiaSep 27, 20238:30 AM IST
ChinaSep 27, 202311:00 AM CST
AustraliaSep 27, 20231:00 PM AEST

Maintenance period not fixed, and could change depending on the circumstances. However, if it goes beyond the expected hours, miHoYo will compensate users with 60 Primogems for the extra hours taken for maintenance.

Note: Ahead of the update, Genshin Impact 4.1 will have server maintenance five hours before the scheduled time. All regions will receive the update by 6:00 AM UTC-4.

Genshin Impact 4.1 Banner

The banner showcases its characters and weapons, character re-run banner, events, and the Fontaine Maps expansion. Like the previous banner, it is divided into two phases. Each phase will last 21 days, and the Phase 2 character will replace it starting on the same day.

Phase 2 4* CharactersNeuvilette and Hu TaoSept 27 – Oct 18
Phase 2 5* CharactersWrothesley and VentiOct 18 – Nov 8
Phase 1 4* CharactersXingquiu, Fischl, and DionaSept 27 – Oct 18
Phas 2TBAOct 18 – Nov 8
Phase 1 Weapon Banner5*: Tome of Eternal Flow (Confirmed) and Staff of Homa (Expected). 4*: The Dockhand’s Assistant, Portable Power Saw, Range Gauge, and Prospector’s DrillSept 27 – Oct 18
Phase 2 Weaponm Banner5*: Cashflow Supervision (Confirmed) and Elegy for the End (Expected) 4*: TBAOct 18 – Nov 8

Each Genshin Impact version lasts for 42 days, which is equally divided between both Character banner phases.

List of Genshin Impact 4.1 Events

Every event is limited-time, where players receive Primogems, Mora, Characters, Weapons, and different materials as rewards. With the game’s anniversary, players are rewarded and can exchange for a free 4* Catalyst and other rewards such as Mora, Talent Books, and Crown of Insight.

  • Dodoco’s Bomb-Tastic Adventure
  • Radiant Harvest Event
  • The Peaks and Troughs of Life
  • Overflowing Mastery
  • 7-day Anniversary Login Event

You can participate in events, explore the world, and guess where it also includes previous calculations. With 13,000 primogems, which is more than 80 Wishes, you can use Primogems and a bit of luck to wish for characters from both limited and permanent banners. There are several ways to earn Primogems, such as:

  • Quests
  • Opening Chests
  • Explorations
  • Events
  • Gifts from Hoyoverse
  • Web events, and more.

Genshin Impact 4.1 Total Primogems Count

Research in this area tends to combine with other risk variables (multiple heavy metals, etc.) to show how they interact, based on the necessity to examine the interactions of more risk factors and the advancement of research and detection technologies. The rigorous effect and mechanism of blood and ambient lead levels on brain development in children will also be better elucidated.

Event/Quests/ExplorationTotal Primogems
4.1 Exploration (Quests, Chests, Statues, Waypoints, Domains)3710
Limited Content (Events)2250
Daily Commissions2520
Stardust Exchange1600
5* Test Runs80
Spiral Abyss1800
Genshin Impact’s third anniversary3200
4.1 update maintenance600
4.2 update live stream300
Redeem codes60
Twitch Drops30
Web Event80
Total for F2P Players16,600
Welkin Moon3780+420
Total for Welkin Moon Players20,880
Battle Pass1320
Total for Welkin Moon + Battle Pass Players22,200