In the last wave of AI, Google released their AI-powered Bard Generative AI chatbot since there are a lot of new features and development going on to bypass the ChatGPT. Recently, with their latest AI model, Gemini, they have achieved similar results to compete against OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Initially, it released a preview under Bard itself with support for 230 countries and 40 languages. Now, Google has officially rebranded Bard and Duet AI to Gemini.

We have seen similar moves by Microsoft; they have already rebranded their Bing chatbot with CoPilot, but many things go under the hood. Google has announced its standalone Gemini Pro application, which aims to replace the existing Google assistant while offering Gemini Advanced with a price tag to use Gemini Ultra similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus.

Google Gemini on Android

They have now officially released the Gemini App, which will offer an advanced AI mode capable of generating text, understanding codes, easing, creating images, and a lot more to help increase individuals’ productivity.

Under the hood, it is powered by Gemini Ultra 1.0, which is multimodal; however, the Gemini Advance will not be available for free. Google has bundled the Gemini Advance with Google One AI Premium, which costs $19.99/month with a 2-month free trial. This premium plan bundles 2TB of storage and the ability to use Gemini Advance across Google Workspace, like Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, etc.

Google will be replacing Google Assistant with Gemini while offering all the features of Google Assistant. This is another leap to extend the functionality of the Gemini.

Currently, there is no update on whether the Google Gemini is coming to iOS devices; however, everyone can use the latest Gemini on their web.

Download the Google Gemini app from the Google Play Store.

The app can download from the Google Play Store but is restricted to certain regions. It will gradually become available to everyone next week.

Next week, it will be available in English, Japanese, and Korean; more languages will be added over time.

Download the Gemini APK.

You can also use the latest Gemini by sideloading it onto your Android device.

Before proceeding, Google has restricted the Gemini AI to Android 14; the previous generation of Android does not seem to be supported.

How to use the Gemini Mobile app outside of the US

So, if you are not living in the US but want to use Gemini, then you can use Gemini and upgrade your Assistant to Bard.

class="wp-block-image size-large">Download Gemini APK and Use Outside US [How to Guide: Step by Step]
  1. Update your Google app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Now change the Google Assistant language to English (United States).
    1. For this, you can open Google Assistant settings. For this, you can long-press the power button to activate Assistant or say Hey Google.
Download Gemini APK and Use Outside US [How to Guide: Step by Step]
  1. After that, download and install the Gemini apk on your device.
    1. However, if you have disabled sideloading, enable it from the device settings by navigating to Settings > Security > Unknown Source Installation > Promote OK, then trust.
  2. Launch Gemini from the app drawer, and then you can use it.
Download Gemini APK and Use Outside US [How to Guide: Step by Step]

To use Gemini on your Android device, you can either launch the app, say, Hey Google, or long-press to activate Gemini. After that, you can write and ask it to generate an image, generate text, or ask questions, and then it will generate an answer for you. You can also search for the image by clicking on the Photo icon, which then asks you to upload or click to search for the content.

Download Gemini APK and Use Outside US [How to Guide: Step by Step]

The user interface of the Gemini is quite similar to the Bard on the Desktop. From the assistant screen, you can even use it full-screen as a standalone app. It does follow context, which means you can easily follow up and generate content for your questions. Furthermore, you can return to your conversation from the history and share the conversation by creating a link. In addition to this, it also supports screen context, controls IoT products, and allows you to choose whether to use Google Assistant or Gemini from the settings based on your preference.