Hey TechGreeks, Tencent’s Own PUBG Game. Which is already a Widely Popular Game on this Planet. But there is a piece of Sad news Regarding PUBG Mobile, the Chinese Government has Some Problems With Pubg.

This is Becuase the Game is No More Available in China.No Only in China but There were Countries Like Nepal, Iraq and India has Some Cites Where you can Play Pubg.

Today, We Discuss Some Major Problem and About Alternative Game Which You Can Play.

Already China Has More than 70 Million User base in China itself, Where Tencent Generate 1.5 Billion Dollar by in-app Purchase.

Everyone Knows about Chinese Government, One of the Strict and Privacy Control Counties in the World. According to their Law, You can’t Publish a Game with tons of Violence and Bloody Graphics.

For the Same Reason, Due to their Law in the Game Pubg, you will See a Green Blood instead of Red Blood. It’s annoying, isn’t it?

Tencent officially Announced in Weibo 
Says “The Testing Period for Pubg Mobile is Over” This Shows that Why the Game is So laid and Non-Optimized Well. Also, Users from China get a Notification on their Game “The Game Server is Under Maintenance”.

After updating the Pubg Mobile Shows a New Notification as “Game for Peace Beta Version is Available”. I Guess Tencent Initially has Some about this Issue. This Plan B really Works because this Game Complete Follow all Rules of Chinese Government.

The Game is already available on App Stores, If We have to Face this Situation then there is a New Game Known as “Game for Peace”.

If you Want to Play this Game As well, then You Can Play by Following these Simple Steps down below.

  • Download the Game (File Size is 1.89GB  Click Here to Download).
  • Create Your QQ account using SSL.ZC. If You face Error then Create a WeChat account.
  • Login Using QQ or WeChat (If you are Using QQ then Download QQ app and
  • Login with your Account).
  • Play Game and Enjoy.

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Thanks for Being With us, Let us Know your Feedback in the Comment Section Down Below. Stay tuned for More Further Updates.