Samsung will finally do something Apple has not been able to pull off, which will reportedly be achieved with the Galaxy S24 Ultra. It is not just about the device or the display; there will be significant improvements in those areas, but it is bigger than that. Significant changes to the Galaxy S24 series include the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra. The codenames for the Galaxy S24 series are MUSE, categorized into MUSE 1, MUSE 2, and MUSE 3, which are said to be the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra, respectively.

There have already been many changes, especially after the global pandemic hit, and with the inflation and economic challenges, it is tough out there. Some brands, like Realme and Oppo, are closing their operations altogether. The Galaxy S23 series sold well and became a global shipment leader, but a 2% decline remains. To make significant changes, Samsung has held a global meeting to minimize losses. What can you expect from the Galaxy S24 series?

Generative AI

This year, we have seen a boost in generative AI, where these tools can generate human-like conversations in the context of the user’s prompt. Generative AI can handle many things, such as writing, coding, creating images, and more. As we have already reported, Samsung is developing its own generative AI, which is said to come with the Galaxy S24 Series.

Reportedly, Samsung will bring Generative AI capabilities to the Galaxy S24 series via One UI 6.1. This isy similar to what Google has implemented with Android 14, such as Magic Compose, Wallpaper Generator, and more. If Google can do this, Samsung can easily surpass the technology on which Google has been working.

AI will be one of the critical factors when it comes to the software experience on smartphones. For this reason, the company is making heavy investments. We can expect cutting-edge AI tools built into the One UI experience, which will be available on the Galaxy S24 series and other Samsung devices.

Telephoto Camera

Optical zoom will be 5x for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. There is no substantial evidence to support whether it is a 3x to 5x continuous zoom lens or just a 5x lens. It will be interesting to see if Samsung upgrades this from 3x to 5x zoom. It will likely be a brand-new sensor, which will be Samsung’s most powerful optical zoom sensor.

The 200 MP camera will still be there, alongside an ultra-wide-angle lens and a 10x optical zoom that will also assist with the 5x zoom setup. Samsung will have the most potent zoom setup for the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

According to reports, Samsung will unveil the 50MP 3x optical zoom sensor and the 5x super hybrid. There will be the latest ISP, and it will offer near-optical zoom quality at 5x performance, which will give good protection. This most significant zoom upgrade, the strongest 3x zoom, will boost image quality while improving hybrid zoom.


Under the hood, Samsung will be doing what is best for the customer, which will likely be Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. The device will also use Titanium Build Quality for the best performance to enhance the Android experience thanks to the TSMC 3nm process, which is the same as the Apple A17 SoC will use.

class="wp-block-heading">Stack Battery Technology

The company is reportedly working on stack battery technology. Apple has reportedly delayed stack battery technology for the iPhone 16 series, which will most likely put Samsung first in having stack battery technology. This allows companies to bundle massive batteries without needing to have more space and, at the same time, improve thermal efficiency.

Also, this time, Samsung may bring 65-watt fast-charging technology. Samsung is not implementing overkill charging performance; instead, there will be a reasonable upgrade, which will be much faster than the iPhone charging speed. The gap between Apple and Samsung will continue to grow more significant and prominent in one key area, which is a direct response to Apple’s iPhone 15 Series more considerable battery upgrade.

It is equally important how much capacity the device can hold to make it last longer, and the charging speed is equally important.

OneUI 6.0

This will be the software version that will power the Galaxy S24 Series out of the box. In some regions, the beta version has already started rolling out to the Galaxy S23 series. One UI 6.0 is based on Android 14 and is said to bring the most significant software update in recent years, with AI enhancements, customization, a lock screen, a home screen, and the most significant change to AOD, rumored to have live activities and more.

All the benchmarks that have surfaced online are in beta, so this means we will, of course, see better performance in the stable release. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Series will be the first to get One UI 6, and until there is a stable release, Samsung will be updating it four times. With each beta update, new features will be added.