This is one of the most exciting features, where the device will use direct power resources instead of first using them for charging the device. Samsung continues to introduce new features to its latest Galaxy S23 series. The company has already updated the Camera Assistance feature for the Galaxy S23 Series and Galaxy S22 Series.

This little feature does add a quality-of-life improvement to the device. Therefore, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series is going to receive the Charging Bypass feature, as this feature has already been available on previous devices like the Galaxy S23 Series.

The Charging Bypass of the Galaxy S23 Series is Coming to the Galaxy S22 Series and Foldable - Use Direct Power to Run Device 

If you don’t know about this feature, it’s a feature where if your Game Booster is active (latest version), then it will pause the USB Power Delivery feature and start providing the power directly to the processor. This means that instead of charging your device, it will directly supply power to the processor, which removes the heating and gives more power to your processor.
We have already witnessed that the latest processor is quite capable, and this year it.

outperformed Apple’s A16 Bionic. This feature not only gives you more power, but it also gives you more consistent performance and improves the battery health of your Galaxy smartphones. The company is also looking to update its older smartphones with this feature by updating the Game Booster.

To ensure you have updated your game booster to the latest version and Samsung’s standard charger, like their Samsung 45W USB PD Charger, or look for a supported charger. However, the Galaxy S21 Ultra doesn’t support this feature; it might be a hardware restriction, and only devices released in 2022 or later will support this feature. However, the company hasn’t explained or advertised this feature yet, so a lot of things are still under the hood and in active development.