Epic Mega sale is offering free three-month Discord Nitro for free, the sale is live from today to June 24 (11 AM EDT/ 8:30 PM IST). Recently, Among the US and NBA 2K21, was also available on Sale for free.

If you also use the Discord Nitro, then you can get free Discord Nitro for Free this week. Today, in this article we are going to share an in-depth guide to claim Free Discord Nitro on Epic Games Store. Follow the following instruction mentioned in this guide.

What is Discord Nitro?

Discord is one of

the most popular social platforms among gamers, where it brings support for VoIP, Server, Messaging and much more. Meanwhile, With Discord, Nitro adds the Custom Username tag, Unlock bandwidth for videos and storage, and animated emoji and avatar.


  • Require Payment Method to proceed to redeem code

How to Get Discord Nitro for Free on Epic Game Store

Before proceeding, you should know that this offer is only available for new Nitro Users.

   Get Free 3 Months of Discord Nitro

  • Open the Epic Games Store
  • Then, Click on Discord Nitro Mega Deal and Click on Free Now.
  • Click on Get and then click on Place order
  • That’s it!

Once you complete this, you will receive the email from Epic Game Store within 24 hours on your registered Epic Games account.

How to Redeem Free Discord Nitro from Epic Mega Sale

Once you received the code from Epic on your Mail, you can proceed further. Here is the following instruction.

  • Open Mail and then Click on Redeem Now
  • It will redirect you to the Discord Redemption Page.
  • Click on Next, Then add or choose the payment method and check the checkbox for I agree to the Discord Terms of Services.
  • Confirm your Payment method, Choose Get Nitro Monthly
  • That’s it!

You have successfully redeemed your Free Discord nitro Code, you can now enjoy Discord Nitro Functionality.

Fix: I can’t redeem Epic Games Discord Nitro Free

There could be several reasons but if you already owned or have used Discord Nitro in Past then you won’t be able to claim this offer. This offers is applicable for first time Nitro users, Existing Discord Nitro, Classic aren’t eligible.

However, you can share the redeem code with your friend in case you don’t need it.

How to share my Discord Nitro Redeem Code with Friend

As if you are not eligible to redeem your Discord Nitro code then you can share it with your friend. Simply, Forward the mail or share the link with your friend. Then, Click on Redeem and complete the on-screen instruction to redeem the code.

Discord Nitro Price

There are several memberships available for the Discord Nitro, including $9.99/mo. or 99.99/year.

Hopefully, We believe that you have successfully redeemed the Discord Nitro on your account. If you have any query share them with us in the comment section down below.