Everyone uses some kind of authentication. On Android, it can either be a PIN or a password. So, if you have forgotten the password protection on your device, In this case, you have to use Android Multi Tools, which can help you to remove the protection of your device, including pattern, password, and pin.

You can use this to unlock any device for any Android device. It is currently available for Windows devices. Follow the following instructions mentioned down below.

Features of Android Multi-Tools

There are multiple things you can perform, which include checking the device status, rebooting the device, checking for the device fastboot mode, quitting the fastboot mode, wiping cache and data with fastboot, Reset Forgotten Gmail Accounts or Passcodes with CMD (Command Promopt).

How to Install Android Multi Tools

This is the latest version of the Android Multi-Tool, Checkout the following instructions mentioned down below.

   Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b


  • Enable USB Debugging from the device settings. For this you need to enable Developer Mode (Navigation: Settings > About Phone > Tap x7 on the build number of the device > Activate Developer Mode.) Once your developer mode is activated, you can enable USB Debugging from the advanced settings of your device.
  • Do install the required driver for your device.
  • Windows System
  • The power level of the mobile device should be greater than 50%.
  • A USB cable that is suitable

How to Use Android Multi-Tools

  • Starting with downloading the Android Multi-Tool and then extracting the file to the choice of your location,
  • Head over to the folder where your Android multi-tool is extracted. From there, double-click on the Android Multi-Tool file to start installing by following the installation instructions and allowing the necessary permissions.
  • Therefore, it will open the CLI (Command Line Interface). Check out the following mentioned actions down below CLI for more actions you want to perform.
  • To perform a specific action, press the following key.
    Android Multi-Tool: Press the following key to perform certain action
    • 1: Check Device
    • 2: Reset Face/PIN Lock
    • 3. Reset Face/Gesture Lock
    • 4: Reset GMial
    • 5: Wipe Data
    • 6: Reboot
    • 7: Check Device on Fastboot Mode
    • 8: Wipe Data/Cache on Fastboot Mode
    • 9: Exit Fastboot Mode
    • 0: Go to Command Prot
    • S: Software Info
    • H: Hardware Info
    • R: Report/Contact Me
    • D: Driver Downlaod
    • E: Help
    • O: Donate
  • That’s it!

This is an excellent method for unlocking a locked device, as well as wiping Android data, resetting your device, or determining the status of your hardware and software. Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions for improvement.