After the launch of Threads, everyone was asking about the Follow tab so that they could get updates and posts from the people they follow instead of random people. Finally, Meta rolled out a major upgrade to improve the Threads experience. The update weighs around ~163MB in size.

The company gained more than 100 million signups within 5 days of its launch, and reportedly, the company has reported a decline in user base, which is normal. The update is currently being rolled out to iOS users. They can update their Threads apps from the Apple App Store to try the latest feature.

Follow Tap on Threads

There is a new Follow tab on the activity feed, alongside a new feature. Now users can check the posts and replies from the accounts they follow on Threads. However, after the update, some users have reported that they haven’t seen the Follow tab on Threads yet. For this, developers suggest that users restart the app. It could take some time for some users as the system of server-delivered flags can take a while to fully release.

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However, Verge reported that the Follow Tab only shows the recently-followed feed. With the Follow tab, there is an Activity Feed Scrolling with Loading improvements, as recently a lot of users have reported issues with loading their Threads posts. Now Thread loading will be improved. Another thing is that it has a new Following on the Threads replies page.

Other Threads Features in Update

Apart from the most-requested follow-tap, Threads now also has a Translation feature, the ability to subscribe to unfollowed users, Tappable Reposter labels, and the ability to open the Instagram follower list. Under the hood, Threads has improved the app by fixing a handful of small bugs, reducing binary size, and fixing small crashes.

The update also introduces the ability to double-tap the search bar to start searching, expand pics on the profile, support for Extra-Tall photos, and fix a critical update issue. The company did not share when they will release the Follow Tap on Threads for Android, but it is most likely in the development pipeline. We did not find the Follow tab on the Beta version of Threads on Android. There are still multiple features missing from Threads, but the company promises to bring other features to the platform with future updates.

Another thing is to build web-based Threads, so people who are used to using microblogging on websites can also engage with Threads. Threads’ CEO plans to integrate with the decentralized social networking protocol ActivityPub in the future, which will allow users to move their profile from Threads to other ActivityPub-connected servers and interact with and follow other Mastodon users. Thanks for being with us. We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback. If you have any queries, share them with us in the comment section below.