Google has started blocking users from watching YouTube videos in Microsoft Edge. Users have been encountering that ad-blockers violate YouTube’s terms, which restrict users from watching videos. Recently, a pop-up notification on the Edge browser limits users to watching three videos on the platform before video playback is disabled, which makes users unhappy.

The company continues to display these messages, but it is unclear if the ad-blocker extension causes this. Users of Chrome Browser, Vivaldi, or other browsers are not encountering this issue. This latest pop-up notification has created controversy and outrage among users. Google’s YouTube has started taking action against users who restrict personal data.

Microsoft Edge Tracking Protection Mode

The issues are occurring because of tracking problems. Google needs to be able to track its users effectively. Microsoft offers three levels of tracking protection: Basic, Balanced (Default), and Strict. YouTube’s anti-ad blocking strategy has recently affected the streaming platform, which can now efficiently detect users who use ad-blockers.

Apparently Ad Blockers are not allowed on Youtube. Is this a new thing they’ve implemented?
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Users who have enabled the Strict Mode for the Tracking ability are blocking companies, including Google, which affects content and ads. This prompt only appears because of their inability to track their users. If Google fails to collect user data, it significantly affects ad blocker trackers that significantly impact serving targeted ads and blocking these users.

However, this setting only affects some. Microsoft claims that Edge’s Strict Tracking Protection mode has minimal impact on ads. Google does not want Microsoft Edge or any other browser and extension to block ad requests. Google also encourages users who want ad-blockers to upgrade to YouTube Premium instead of using an ad blocker to watch videos ad-free.

Currently, it starts at $13.99/month. Reportedly, this ad-blocker pop-up on Edge first appeared in May, and with the recent revenue report, YouTube saw a 2.6% decrease in revenue earlier this year. It has been happening for the third consecutive year, with a decline in ads revenue, and YouTube was down by 7.8% in Q4 2022 and faced 1.9% in the quarter before. Furthermore, it is suspected that the ad revenue decreased due to advertising cutting back on their spending due to a recession.

How to Bypass YouTube’s Ad-Block Restrictions in Microsoft Edge

To start watching YouTube videos on Microsoft Edge, users must disable Microsoft Edge Strict Mode or switch to tracking protection mode. The strict mode on Microsoft Edge is enabled by default and comes out of the box with Windows 11.

How to Fix YouTube anti-ads block restricting Edge users from watching videos.
  • Open Edge Settings.
  • Go to Privacy.
  • From there, switch to Balanced or Basic tracking protection mode.

Note: Strict Privacy mode offers uncompromised privacy and has minimal impact on ads, but it can also block ads or trigger YouTube alerts.

With Edge’s robust tracking protections, Google is not able to track its users, which affects Google’s ability to serve ads or deliver personalized content.

Stop YouTube blocking your AdBlocker
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Additionally, users can start using the Ghostery ad blocker, but they also need to turn off tracking protection in Edge or switch to Balance mode to resume video playback. There are no other reports of issues with other browsers facing the same problems.