Windows 10 users are reporting that PowerShell opens when Windows begins. PowerShell opens at Startup because you mistakenly added a Windows PowerShell shortcut to the Start-up folder Or Windows PowerShell will be listed and its status will be displayed as Enabled on the Start-up tab of Task Manager.. In this Guide, we Discuss “Fix: PowerShell opens at Startup in Windows 10.”

We generally use Windows PowerShell to configure, manage, and administer our PCs or networks. Powershell is rarely used by a normal user except for rare circumstances like running SFC scans or DISM scans or troubleshooting.

Method to Fix PowerShell opens at Startup in Windows 10

  • In Task Manager, disable PowerShell opening at startup
  • Delete the PowerShell shortcut from the Startup folder

Solution 1: Disable Opening PowerShell at Startup in Task Manager

  1. First, open the Task manager
  2. In the Task Bar, right-click an empty area. Then, from the drop-down menu, click Task Manager. (or Press ctrl+shift+Esc to open task manager)
  3. Click on the Start-up tab when Task Manager opens.
  4. On the task manager, click Start-up and then Disable Windows PowerShell.
  5. That’s It….

Solution 2: Delete the PowerShell shortcut from the Startup folder

Removing its shortcut from the Startup folder is one more method to prevent PowerShell from opening when the computer starts.

  • Simply press Win+R on your keyboard and type the following text in Run and press Enter:

Delete the PowerShell shortcut in the folder to stop PowerShell from starting at startup.

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