The iPhone 15 Pro, the latest gem in Apple’s crown, promises an array of intriguing features, especially when coupled with the groundbreaking iOS 17. However, as with any technology, there are bound to be a few bumps in the road. One such hurdle that some iPhone 15 Pro users have encountered is the perplexing issue of having no call audio. This issue can manifest in different ways – sometimes, the recipient can’t hear you, while in other instances, you can’t hear them. If you find yourself facing these audio dilemmas, worry not. In this guide, we will explore a nifty workaround to resolve the iPhone 15 Pro no call audio problem on iOS 17. Follow along to get your phone back to its audio glory.

The iPhone 15 Pro No Call Audio Problem

Before we delve into the solution, let’s understand the problem. The iPhone 15 Pro, running on iOS 17, occasionally experiences a glitch where call audio doesn’t function as intended. You might be making a call, but the person on the other end can’t hear you, or vice versa. This can be quite frustrating, especially when you rely on your iPhone for clear and uninterrupted communication.

How to Fix iPhone 15 Pro No Call Audio on iOS 17

Now that we’ve identified the problem, let’s get down to fixing it. Follow these steps to resolve the no call audio issue on your iPhone 15 Pro:

1. Restart Your Phone

First and foremost, attempt a simple restart. Hold down the Power button until the Apple logo appears. Repeat this process three times before releasing it on the fourth attempt. Then, make a call and cycle the mute button on and off a few times. This may help resolve the audio issue.

2. Stay Informed

The official stance from Apple or iOS developers regarding this issue is yet to be communicated. They haven’t acknowledged it or provided an estimated time for a fix. However, it’s important to keep an eye on official updates, as a permanent solution may be in the works. We will make sure to update this guide as soon as any official information becomes available.

3. Temporary Workarounds

In the meantime, you can rely on the following workarounds:

  • Use Speaker Mode: If you’re struggling to hear the other person, try using speaker mode during calls. This can sometimes bypass the audio issue.
  • Bluetooth Headset: Consider using a Bluetooth headset or earbuds. This can be an effective workaround while you await a permanent fix.
  • Third-Party Calling Apps: Utilize third-party calling apps like WhatsApp or Skype, which might not experience the same audio problems.
  • Downgrade iOS: As a last resort, you can consider downgrading your iPhone’s operating system to a previous version that didn’t have this issue. However, be cautious, as this can be a complex process.


In the world of technology, occasional hiccups are inevitable. The iPhone 15 Pro’s no call audio issue on iOS 17 might be frustrating, but with the workarounds mentioned in this guide, you can continue to use your device for calls without interruption. While we await an official fix, these solutions should keep you connected. Stay tuned for updates from Apple, and keep your iPhone running smoothly.

class="wp-block-heading">Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this issue common among all iPhone 15 Pro users on iOS 17?

No, not all users face this problem. It seems to affect a subset of users, but it’s essential to stay informed about any potential solutions or updates from Apple.

2. Are there any other known workarounds for this issue?

The workarounds mentioned in this guide are the most commonly suggested solutions. However, if you encounter additional tips, you can certainly give them a try.

3. Can I downgrade my iOS to a previous version?

Yes, you can, but it’s a complex process and not recommended unless you’re comfortable with technical procedures. Be sure to back up your data before attempting it.

4. Does Apple provide any official support for this problem?

As of now, there is no official acknowledgment or support from Apple regarding this issue. We are still waiting for them to address it.

5. How can I stay updated on this issue?

Keep an eye on Apple’s official announcements and updates. Also, you can check this guide for any future updates on the situation. We will make sure to keep you informed of any developments.