Age of Wonders is one of the most popular and thrilling action-based games globally. It is engaging with its storyline. However, some players have reported that the game crashes while playing. It can be frustrating when the game hits while you are in the middle of playing. There could be various factors causing this issue. If you are experiencing this error, this guide might help you fix the problem of Age of Wonders: Planetfall not working on your PC.

How to fix: Age of Wonders: Planetfall keeps crashing on PC.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall is a fantastic game, but the crashing issue, especially for an old classic game from the AOW series, raises questions about the game’s future. However, you can use various troubleshooting methods to fix the error. So, without further ado, let’s check them out. Follow the instructions mentioned below.

Update your GPU driver

Drivers play an instrumental role in rendering games. Outdated drivers can cause flickering, stuttering, and the game crashes. If your system has outdated drivers, you should search for the latest and download the update. To do this, you can either check the official manufacturer’s support page or download and instal the newest driver. You can also use a third-party programme such as Driver Booster to check and instal all required drivers. It will also update any existing drivers on your system accordingly.

Install the latest game patch

Developers regularly work to fix any errors, glitches, or bugs, so it is imperative to ensure your game is up-to-date by installing the latest patch. Age of Wonder: Planetfall acknowledges the error and rolls out patch updates to the game. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the program. This will likely resolve the issue. If not, then follow the next method to fix the error.

To fix Planetfall crashing on PC, disable Steam Overlay.

It is also possible that your Steam Overlay might create a conflict with your game, so try disabling the Steam Game Overlay and proceed further.

  • Open Steam and then click on “Library.”
  • Find Age of Wonders: Planetfall and click Properties.
  • Uncheck the checkbox for “Enable Steam Overlay” while in-game.
  • Check if the game is still crashing or not.

Stop overclocking

Not every computer supports overclocking, so if you have done it, we suggest stopping it on your PC. Players often do this to get higher frames per second, but excessive overclocking that your PC doesn’t support can result in game crashes. Return to regular use, and then launch the game to check if it has been fixed.

Examine your antivirus or firewall and allow the game to run through a third-party program.

If you use a third-party antivirus or firewall program, the game files might be detected as a threat by your antivirus. So we suggest allowing the game to run or temporarily disabling your antivirus program to check if the problem is happening because of your antivirus program.

This guide helps you fix the crashing issue on your computer. However, if you encounter the error, you should wait for the next patch rollout, where the developer acknowledges your problem and updates the game. Please let us know in the comment section below if you have any further questions.