The popular battle royale “Fall Guys” was initially launched in August 2020 and developed by Mediatonic.
Since its launch, gaming enthusiasts are playing it over several platforms like Nintendo Switch,
PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows. Obvious,
some of these platforms includes premium subscription.

But, So far the recent announcement notified that Fall Guys will be free to play from 21st June 2022
Onwards. The designer Joseph Walsh designed Fall Guys in such a way that players played even in huge
subscription amounts. But, the present notification is much more exciting. So, below take a look over
the complete announcement.

Fall Guys Officially Free to Play on All Major Platforms

One of the strategic battle royale games made with a unity engine called Fall Guys was earlier available
to play. However, You need to pay some cost on the platform where the game is serving. But, As you see
some of the battle royale games started Free to Play campaigns like BGMI and others. Following this, Fall
Guys also doing the same with their Season 1 but it grabs some more areas in the same concept like Epic
games store would be the primary one.

Meanwhile, the developers earlier scheduled that Fall Guys will be available for free to play on all its
major platforms. Luckily, the scheduled date was 21st June from which players can grab the opportunity.
Although, the release timing for different regions is varied. But, For a short overview the free-to-play
scheme was released on 21st June at @5:00 AM PT, 8:00 AM ET, 1:00 PM BST and 6:30 PM IST.

Moreover, the regions are different so the timing also is varied. Alongside, it is clear that Fall Guys is free
to play on all major platforms starting from PC, Xbox, Epic Games Store to the end Nintendo. It means
the game is now completely free so that any players who earlier cannot afford it, can now play it easily.
Overall, It is one of the best initiatives from Mediatonic to spread the battle royale wave all over the