If you look at the current social media scenario, you will find two major products on the market: Facebook and Instagram, which are the preferences of numerous users. Also, if you recall, the company previously aimed for and came out with a group named “Meta.” They disclosed that this name would provide a common environment for everything, calling it the Metaverse.

But even though Meta seems like such a dominant company, you might have heard of several teen harassment cases on Facebook and Instagram. For this reason, on Tuesday, Meta announced new parental controls for both social media services, allowing parents to know who their child is interacting with. The problem is that people need to learn how to use this feature. So, here we will explain it.

How to Use Meta New Parental Controls on Messenger and Instagram

Meta-parental controls apply to both Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs. The announcement consists of two parts. Officials mentioned parental control features for each platform. In that announcement, officials said parents from the US, UK, and Canada can now view their teens’ time spent. They can also receive notifications about their teens’ Messenger contact list. They can also be notified if a teen reports someone, view who can message their teen, or see their Stories.

Similarly, on Instagram, Parental Control offers new features. Before messaging someone who doesn’t follow them, users must first send an invite to that user and get permission to connect. The best thing is that users can send only one invitation at a time and can only send more once the recipient accepts the invitation. Message request invitations are now limited to text only. Parents can see which accounts their teens follow, along with common accounts and reminders to add parents as supervisors.

Moreover, a few more things are already added to supervise teens’ accounts, such as Quiet Mode. And especially after this update, no matter which Meta app you are using, the parent has decent control, which ultimately helps parents save their teens from typical harassment or similar cases. After reading about the extreme features of these supervision controls, I am sure you want to use them but need to know how to do it. So here are some insights on how to use them.

  • Visit the Meta Family Centre.
  • Look for the Instagram or Messenger section and tap “Get Started.”
  • Next, tap “Add Account” and send an invitation link to your teen child.
  • After that, tell them to accept your invitation.
  • That’s it! You have successfully set up Parental Control on your teen’s Instagram or Messenger account.

Besides that, Meta is planning to stop child harassment on their apps completely. We will see the same parental controls expanded to more countries. As this is just the beginning, developers will add more supervision tools in the future. So as a parent, you can now freely allow your teens to use Messenger or Instagram, all thanks to Meta Parental Control, which makes things easier. However, we have explained everything. Even after that, if any user has a query, ask them below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you put parental controls on Messenger?

Ans. Currently, US, UK, and Canadian users can set parental controls on Messenger.

Q2. How do I restrict my Messenger account?

Ans. You can set up parental controls to restrict your Messenger account.

Q3. Is Messenger safe for 12-year-olds?

Ans. Previously, we thought it might not be safe, but recent developments from officials suggest it is safe.

Q4. What is the Messenger age limit?

Ans. Formally, the user should be 13 years of age or older.