Gaming Specific Processor Feature-Packed and Preety powerful Processor.

MediTek Recently Announced it’s New G90 Series SOC, Which Focuses on being High-End Gaming Performance on a Budget Smartphone Category. Let’s Know More How Much this New Series Chipset is capable of.

There Were Two Chipset belong to G90 Series Chipset G90 and G90T. No Doubt the G90T Bring More Advance Feature Suppor than G90. Such as 90 Hertz Display, Higher Clock CPU and GPU Support, 10 LPDDR4X Ram, 64MP Camera and More.

There Is More to Known, G90T is a 12nm Octa-Core Processor Featuring 2x Cortex A76 and 6x Cortex A55 Cores Which can Go Max up to 2.05GHZ. While there were a lot of SOC With 8nm and 7nm But MediTek Bring 12nm is Little Bit Surprise.

MediaTek Helio G90 Series

In the Terms of GPU, The Graphics Boosted using an ARM Mali-G76 GPU 3emc goes up to 800MHZ. Which is Quite Impressive Because It is Higher than Snapdragon 855+ having a 672Mhz Overclocked of Adreno 640 GPU. Ram Can peak Frequency Up to 2133MHZ and Packed a Large L3 Cache.

On the Other Hand, MediTek is aimed to Compete With Snapdragon 730 and 735 Not Snapdragon 800 Series. So, MediTek is Pushing Forward the Mid-range powerful Chipset and Bringing the Flagship Power affordable.

G90T compares to the Snapdragon 730 and 730G.

There Were major Difference If We Compare MediTek Helio G90T and Snapdragon 730G. SD has 8nm FinFET Mean More Power Efficentm, Clock Speed up to 2.2GHZ, WIFI 6 Support, QHD+ Display Support as Well. While MT having Faster GPU Mali-G76 at 800MHZ and Support More Ram.

Company Shows Antutu Performance Benchmark, Which Clearly Shows MT90T is 3% SD730 and SD730G by 7% Faster. Also, The Geekbence Shows that the Multi-Core Score better than SD730G by 10% and SD730 by 9%.

Therefore the Gaming Benchmark GFX 4.0 Manhattan 3.0 Shows MT90T better than SD730G BY 14% and Better than SD730 by 26%. Similarly, on GFX 4.0 Car Chase Shows MT90T is Better than SD730G by 5% and Better than SD730 by 13%.

That’s Not Where MediTek Stop, it also Shows the Antutu 3D by saying MT90T is Better than SD730G by 6% and SD730 by 15% along 3D Mark Vulkan performance MT90T us Better than SD730G by 6% and SD730 by 16%. On the Frame Rates, it is Faster and Stable, Also for Game Launching Speed.

Not to Mention it Look capable and More Powerful Processor Compare to Snapdragon 730 and 730G. On the Software Front, they Introduce New Hyper Engine Gaming Technology Which Brings Interesting Features and Optimizations. Which Make More Difference During Response Time, Lag-Free, HDR 10 Support and Color Details.

Designed to be used in mid-range gaming smartphones,

MediaTek Helio G90 Series

There Were Some Multiplayer Focus Improved, The Network Features Like Call and Data Concurrency. Also, the Network Prediction Which Switches the Phone Data LTE and WIFI More Smoothly. Moreover, there is Dual WIFI Support at Same Time.

There Were all general Features We can expect Like AI Accerlaeration, Dual “Wake-up Words” Support, Dual 4G LTE and Vzrios Camera Features. We are Expecting that it Will be Bring Gaming Smartphone in the ₹20,000 Price Segment. Xiaomi already Confirm it Will Bring it Soon.

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