Meta has recently released another successor to their product, the virtual reality headset “Meta Quest 3”. As expected, it has many new features, including a 4K+ Infinite display, two RGB cameras, a 90Hz native refresh rate, pancake lenses, and more. However, along with these features, the pricing for this quest has also increased to approximately $499 for the 128GB model.

These are the technical specifications of the new Meta Quest 3. However, some people also want to know about the new games and accessories announced for them. While limited information is available online, we will provide details about these games and accessories.

Quest 3 Launch Extravaganza: Games, Accessories, and Day One Upgrades!

While searching for games to accompany the launch of Quest 3, we found a decent list of games, including both new releases and existing games, that will be enhanced for this quest. These games include Apex Construct, BAM, Barbaria, Broken Edge, Cactus Cowboy: Emilio’s Adventure, Echo VR, Firewall Zero Hour, GOLF+, Gorillas Tag, Horizon Worlds, and Keep Talking. Nobody Explodes Moss, Population: One, Resident Evil 4, Superhot, The Climb 2, Vader’s Immortal Trilogy, Walkabout Mini Golf, and Zenith: The Last City.

In addition to these new games, there are also titles from Quest 2 that are being prepared to be compatible with Quest 3. These games include Asgard’s Wrath, Beat Sabre, Bonelab, Half-Life: Alyx, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, and Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge. These are the existing or new gaming titles that can be enjoyed on the latest iteration of Meta Quest 3.

Note: All the accessories mentioned here are available on Amazon, so that you can find them all in one place.

Protecting Your Investment: A Carrying Case

Meta Quest 3 has received a new design for its carrying case. So, when you want to go out, you can use that case to protect it from scratches or any other physical damage. Even though this was just released two days ago, if you look at the available carrying cases, you will find a long queue. Among those options, we have found two cases worth considering: the Case Matrix Hard-shell Quest 3 Case ($18.99) and the Official Quest 3 Carrying Case ($69.99).

Enhance Your Comfort: Quest 3 Head Strap Options

Alongside the gaming experience, comfort is also essential to consider. From that point, finding head straps that do not cause discomfort is essential. We have tried to determine which head straps you can choose for this gadget. Subsequently, we found these head straps: the Official Quest 3 Elite Straps ($69.99), the Kuject Comfort Strap ($39.99), and the Go Quest VR Elite Head Strap (for $23).

Get a Grip on Victory: Quest 3 Controller Enhancements

In addition to the carrying case and comfort strap, getting a good grip on the controls is also important in games like these. Nevertheless, since Quest 3 is the latest release, finding a decent controller grip is difficult for regular users. On that note, we tried to find some grips and found some of the best options. These are the Meta

Quest Active Straps ($39.99), the Apexinno Controller Grips ($26.99), and the Adjustable White Knuckle Straps ($27.99).

Level Up Your Quest 3: Enhanced Upgrades for the Ultimate Experience

Apart from checking the accessories available for Meta Quest 3, you should know a few more things, significantly what has been enhanced with this new quest. As we thoroughly checked out the enhancements, they worked closely with the high-resolution display, processor, etc. With the new Quest variant, you will see a new resolution output, a more powerful processor, improved tracking, a new controller design, and Meta Reality Support.

The newly released Meta Quest 3 is a significant upgrade over the previous version. Here, you have enhanced features, support for new accessories, and overall improvements compared to the previous quest. However, this is just a quick overview of Meta Quest 3. The accurate results will be evident once all players experience the game. However, this guide gives you a rough overview of Meta Quest 3, its features, accessories, and enhancement upgrades. If any users still have questions, please ask them below.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Why is Meta Quest so popular?

Ans. The experience we get with this VR has no other substitute.

Q2. Is Meta Quest 3 4K?

Ans. Meta Quest 3 has significantly upgraded its display and offers a 4K+ infinite experience.

Q3. Does Meta Quest 3 require a PC?

Ans. It depends on your requirements, but a PC is unnecessary for using Meta Quest 3.

Q4. Is 128GB enough for Meta Quest 3?

Ans. Previously, it was enough, but today’s game sizes are such that people need Meta Quest with more storage.