Business apps are essential tools for the growth of startups, mid-size and small-scale businesses. With the help of these apps, daily tasks around the office can be made simpler. Undoubtedly, business software for small businesses is a must-have for any business of any size. There are a lot of great business apps available.

The great thing about these applications is that they provide great features at low prices, while some offer them for free. Although there may be a lot of business apps for small businesses, you must choose the best one for your company. This article will provide you with the best business apps for small businesses and why you need one today.

Top best business apps for small businesses

Without further ado, here are some essential business apps for small business owners

  • Adobe scan

Adobe Scan is an essential support for small business owners. You can scan business cards, documents, letters, photos, and more. Adobe Scan is a great way to help your business scan important documents. iOS and Android users can use this app for free.

  • Asana

You can expect the best from this top-notch project management app with Asana. You can follow up with deadlines, reminders, projects, payments, and a lot more. It is an essential business app for small businesses. iOS and Android users can utilize this app for free.

  • CamScanner

Similarly to the Adobe scan, CamScanner enables business owners an opportunity to scan photos, files, business cards, and more. Using CamScanner also scans documents, business cards, and more. Simply by using your mobile camera, users can edit scanned text or files and proceed to download them as PDFs or emails. Devices such as iOS, web, and Android have free access to this platform.

  • Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud computing app that works to recover relevant data and file syncing. It has a free option, which provides users with 2 GB of storage. The paid version offers unlimited access to their top features. Devices such as iOS, web and Android have free access to this platform, making it the best business app for small businesses.

  • Evernote

Evernote is an ideal business app for small businesses. This impressive software provides opportunities to create unique notebooks without losing relevant data. Additionally, the search bar in the app makes it easy to find older notes faster by sharing a note with coworkers, clients, or employees. Users can take advantage of the drag-and-drop feature. The platform has a straightforward user interface. With Evernote, devices such as iOS web and Android have free access.

  • Expensify

As a small-scale business owner, Expensify will provide you with the support to track your receipts and expenses. It offers real-time reports on expenses and helps you keep track of other finances. Devices such as iOS, web, and Android can utilize this app for free.

  • FreshBooks

FreshBooks is an ideal app for company owners. This is a cloud accounting software that allows users to view their budget expenses and sync them. They can keep up with their expenses from time to time, as well as their customers’ feedback.

  • Gusto

Gusto is a remarkable software that helps users and small-scale business owners to control and keep up with taxes, human resources, payroll, and other relevant duties. This software is not only an ideal tool for small-scale and mid-sized businesses, but it is also an effective piece of equipment for large-scale organizations.

  • Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an email-marketing tool that can help your company without you spending a fortune. With the Mailchimp platform, users can automate email campaigns, create newsletters, or increase their list of subscribers. It is free to download and use.

  • QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a unique software that can help link PayPal accounts, Square accounts, bank accounts, and other accounts to the app. Users can control and manage their expenses, finances, and reports by using the app. It is free on Android and iOS devices.

Why You Need Some Apps To Run Your Business?

From time to time, business applications have proven to us on different grounds how important they are. Here are reasons why you need some of these remarkable applications to run the company:

  • Business management:

Professional business software will enable owners to manage their companies without spending beyond their budgets. They are ideal options for business management.

  • Business development:

Business software will most likely help with the development of your company. They make your dealings a lot faster and help you stay on budget without having to spend in excess.

  • To help with the management of projects:

Project management is crucial to all types of enterprises. Managing a company physically may be time-consuming. However, managing projects with business applications will help with deadlines and provide better services.

  • To help keep track of your finances:

Finances are strictly essential to all businesses. So, there are varieties of unique business software for small businesses. They are free, without you spending more. A financial business application will give reports on expenses and feedback on expenses payments and others.

  • Customer relationship:

With business applications, you can improve the relationship with your customers by providing them with a top-notch service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best payment app for small businesses?

QuickBooks remains the best payment application for small businesses. It provides owners with excellent features.

What is the best free application for the small-scale owner?

Adobe Scan, Asana, CamScanner, Evernote, and Expensify are the best free applications for small-scale business owners.

Can business applications manage small-business effectively?

Absolutely yes! Business applications help to manage companies without spending beyond budget.


As a small-scale business owner, try some of these applications as they will provide your company with the support it requires. This will also protect the interests of your business. We hope you find this overview helpful.