While Escape from Tarkov, the latest and hottest game, has attracted a large number of online gamers, the game is not yet available for purchase on Steam or the Epic Store. However, users and gamers generally prefer Steam or the Epic Store to other platforms.

The game, however, can be downloaded through the game’s official website. This is a BETA version of the game, and it will require some time to stabilise before it becomes available for download and play on Steam and the Epic Store.

How to Install Escape From Tarkov on PC

To purchase the game, visit the official Battlestate website and download and install the Battlestate launcher. Complete the procedure by following the instructions below.

Pre-order savings on Escape From Torkov

  • On the escape from the Tarkov website, you’ll notice a banner indicating that the game is now in BETA.
  • By clicking on it, you can now reach the pre-order website.
  • There are four editions to choose from: Standard, Left Behind, Prepare for Escape, and Edge of Darkness.
  • Complete the payment by following the on-screen wizard.
  • By logging into your account, you can download the Battlestate Game Launcher.
  • Choose the game that you wish to install and wait for it to download (depends on your internet speed and the game size.)
  • That is all.

We hope this was helpful and that you were able to download the game successfully. It is currently only available in BETA, and after purchasing the BETA, you are not required to purchase the stable version of the game.