Microsoft is rapidly integrating AI into its products through what they call “CoPilot,” leveraging its investment in OpenAI. Microsoft CoPilot is fully based on OpenAI LLM technology and has been developed to provide integrated assistance that is accessible within the Microsoft 365 productivity suite. You can use Microsoft CoPilot in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

With its help, you can increase your work productivity, and as it is a team collaboration platform, it also promotes teamwork. In today’s article, let’s see how you can enable Microsoft CoPilot within Microsoft 365 and Teams. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at this.

What is Microsoft CoPilot?

Microsoft CoPilot is an AI assistant by Microsoft that is integrated into the company’s products and is already available in popular Microsoft 365 apps for use. The company has also integrated chat and integrations so that you can use them to understand and generate things. It works just like ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing, where you can submit prompts in natural language, and it will do your work. Not to mention, it’s highly refined and designed for specific tasks such as this.

  • The Word software is used for drafting, revising, summarising, and generating content.
  • Excel is used for analyzing data patterns and visualizations.
  • PowerPoint is used to convert rough data into comprehensive presentations.
  • Outlook allows you to manage your inbox and provides features for summarising, conversing, and suggesting responses.
  • Power Platforms provide support for prototyping and low-code applications.
  • Business Chat helps you keep track of important dates, work planning, and content creation.
  • Microsoft CoPilot is a powerful AI assistant designed to streamline workflows and boost productivity. It will gradually integrate with Microsoft 365 and other Microsoft apps and services.

How to enable Microsoft 365 CoPilot on Microsoft Apps

Currently, this feature has only been rolled out to some users. To check if you can access it, simply update your Microsoft 365 apps. You will have direct access to CoPilot if you are a Beta member. To use it, go to your Ribbon menu, where you will find the CoPilot option. Once activated, CoPilot will assist you in boosting your creativity level, productivity, and skills.

How to enable Microsoft CoPilot on Teams

Microsoft CoPilot has now been integrated into Teams, and it provides real-time summarization and shows action items that can significantly improve productivity. With CoPilot, you can take notes and ask for a conversation summary. You can assign important tasks and ask CoPilot for critical points to improve your business chat.

To enable this feature, you must enroll in Microsoft 360 CoPilot, which can be done in the Team Meeting tab. However, the administrator needs to enable Microsoft CoPilot from the Teams Settings page, and once activated, you will see the channel or team chat option in the bottom-right corner.

Microsoft has also announced CoPilot Mobile for Team Phone and Team Chat and recently offered a UCAaS Solution for Generative AI for phone calls. In addition, the company has launched support for PTSN and VoIP calls that provide conversation outlines, summaries, and export points.