Google always looks forward, and you can see their behavior as they recently started testing out a new look for Chrome on Windows 11. This is not the first time they have done such a thing; it seems to be a habit of Google to make changes in response to market trends. As always, before any change, they first test it in Canary and developer channels, and after being satisfied with the test, they publicly release it.

Continuing the same ritual, Google started testing Chrome’s new look called “Chrome Refresh 2023.” They haven’t made any major changes, but some minor things are obviously changed, offering a big difference. Whether I am talking about rounded corners or the new color of the button, everything is great. But the problem arises as people want to try it but don’t know how to. So here, we will let you know about this.

How to Enable Google Chrome Refresh 2023 on Windows

Before we get to the main procedure, let’s first understand what this new design specifically entails. There are no changes to the buttons or their positions. This time, the developers aim to provide more options as users are getting bored with the same old things. These are small changes, but remember that small changes can make a huge difference. With that said, developers have finally started testing out Chrome Refresh 2023.

People who have joined the test have showcased that the new Chrome design has numerous changes, such as rounded corners, a larger address bar, new icons, more padding to appear spacious, and colorful menus along with customization support. I am sure that after reading this, you are craving to experience the new look from Google Chrome. So, without any further delay, let’s look at the steps below to join the current test for Chrome Refresh 2023.

Note: The new Chrome Refresh 2023 is only available for Chrome version 116.0.5845.111 or newer. Please consider this before proceeding.

How to Enable Google Chrome Refresh 2023 on Windows
  • Simply download and install Chrome Canary/developer channel.
  • Then launch the above downloaded Chrome program.
  • From there, search for chrome://flags/#chrome-refresh-2023
  • Now enable the toggle next to Chrome Refresh 2023.
  • Once done, restart Chrome to see the new look.

In addition to the new look with more color options and customization, Chrome Refresh 2023 has two useful features: the ability to clear browsing data from the main menu and the ability to customize the user profile from the main menu itself. Some users who have already explored this new look are asking for its release date. For this, developers are still testing and have not set a specific date. But if everything goes well, you will see it later this year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the new features of Chrome 2023?

Ans. There are numerous things, but the most highlighted one is the ability to clear browsing data.

Q2. How do I turn off Chrome refresh 2023?

Ans. Simply disable the toggle in the same way that it was enabled.

Q3. Where are the advanced settings in Chrome 2023?

Ans. You can find them under the Customize and Control Menu.

Q4. Why doesn’t my Chrome have advanced settings?

Ans. This setting is usually disabled by default.