The media player VLC is one of the various options available on Windows, and it is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Android, and iOS. You may also watch and listen to your favorite films and television shows using any major media extensions available.

Users of the Microsoft Store will download VLC Media Player for Windows 11 as soon as the operating system is released. If you have been instructed to install win32-based software, you can update VLC through the App Store.

VLC Media Player Installation Instructions for the Microsoft Store

It is also possible to obtain the most recent version of the software by visiting the company’s official website in addition to video, music, filters, and audio filters.


  • Operation system: Microsoft Windows 11, which includes a sneak peek at the Microsoft Store.
  • VLC’s feature is based on the Win32 operating system.
  • A media player is used to play media.
  • It can play audio CDs.
  • DVDs to be seen
  • Digital TV Tuner is a piece of equipment that allows you to watch television in digital format.
  • Streaming/Transcoding
  • Subtitles are being synced.
  • A music player and an audio player are included.

VLC Media Player is available for download and installation through the Microsoft Store.

  • It is necessary to launch the Microsoft Store.
  • In the search bar at the top of the screen, type “VLC Media” to find the program.
  • Select VLC win32 from the drop-down menu that opens. It is possible to access VideoLAN at (For more information, please visit this website).
  • As soon as you click on Install, the installation process will start automatically.
  • Once the installation is complete, double-click VLC win32.
  • Finally, we’ve concluded our conversation.

Remove VLC Media Player from the Microsoft Store by clicking on the uninstall button.

  • When you first open Windows, the Windows Settings window will display.
  • Apps can be found by clicking on the ‘Apps & Features’ hyperlink.
  • By clicking on the triple-dot icon, you can access the “VLC” menu.
  • Please wait for the uninstall to finish before selecting it and clicking on it.
  • All right, we’ll call it a day after this.

The latest version of VLC for Windows 11 has a snap-layout feature as well as other enhancements. It has been significantly modified to increase performance and eliminate errors.

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