Microsoft has announced that OpenAI capabilities will be integrated into its services and products. Before Microsoft’s launch, there were several ChatGPT integrations available for many benefits, and today in this article, we will be sharing one of them called GhostWriter.

This is powered by ChatGPT, and this helps users generate text directly into Microsoft Word. However, this isn’t a free add-in; instead, it comes with a price tag. The basic edition costs $10, and the fully featured edition costs $25.

Ghostwriter ChatGPT for Microsoft Word

If you have been living under a rock and don’t know what ChatGPT is, a quick brief is that it is a chatbot designed and developed by OpenAI. This helps to generate a human-like text response to a prompt. It has been trained on a massive dataset limited to 2021.

However, you can use the ChatGPT and copy/paste it into a document, but Ghostwriter helps you directly add it into Microsoft Word. So, by using the Ghostwriter ChatGPT, the transaction becomes seamless because it adds a new side panel to Microsoft Word and writes text into documents by following the given prompt.

This add-in was developed by Creative Data Studio, and the company has an integrated option that allows you to adjust how long you want, but you need to purchase the Word Pro edition. To use this, you require an OpenAI key to gain access.

Ghostwriter Feature Pricing

Let’s first begin with the Word Basic Edition, which costs $10 and provides access to the following functions:

  • Windows, Mac, and Web
  • Office 2019/2021/MSFT365
  • One model: ChatGPT.
  • Response: about 2 paragraphs

The Word Pro Edition costs $25 and provides access to the following:

  • All the basic features
  • All available OpenAI models
  • Response length is configurable.

Download Ghostwriter


Ghostwriter ChatGPT for Microsoft Word

The company has reassured us that there will be more tools for Office, such as ChatGPT integration add-ins for Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and Word. If you have purchased the GhostWriter ChatGPT or are an existing user, you will receive a coupon to get discounts on future products. You can download the GhostWriter ChatGPT from the Office Add-in Store. For more information, head over to the Creative Data Studio.