Pubg Mobile 0.16.5 is been rolling us and those we want to step ahead were looking for Upcoming PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 BETA. Where Pubg Mobile developers going to include a lot of new things that we are going to discuss. While The PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 BETA will be out on 15 January 2020 announced by PUBG Mobile. All of the things were inspired by Call of Duty Mobile.

The details shared on this article were based on the repeated BETA testing. We are not sure if the PUBG Mobile keep those features or remove them on their final version before rolling out. After Testing BETA Version of the game and based on the feedback, if there is no critical issue found then they will roll out the game. Also, some feature was already rolled out or Tested in BETA Version making its way to Global version.

First thing first, The PUBG Mobile launched its Death Match is Previous PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 update. While the Death Replay Cam is about to come, This Will be Quite Similar to Call of Duty Mobile Death Cam Replay. Where when you killed, You Will be able to watch how he kill you or you can skip by double-tapping on the screen. As Result, It Will help to improve your game.

You can learn from the mistakes and Tune your Skills, Tactics and what generally other makes a mistake as well. Even Death Cam causes major lags because PUBG Mobile itself not very well optimise featuring a Toggle to turn it off and on.


The Erangel 2.0 is one of the much-anticipating things in 2019 for PUBG Mobile, They have been introduced for PUBG PC Tittle initially and PUBG Mobile developers looking to bring in PUBG Mobile. This New map includes an Arcade and Amusement part from Original Erangel map expect some minor changes looking quite similar to Call of Duty Mobile original Map consist of Every scenario like Forest, Desert, mountain and Snow.

Additionally, They Were also adding a Wingsuit taken from Call of Duty Mobile. It supposes to be exclusively available in Erangel 2.0 and there is also an Extreme Cold Mode. Where the Extreme Cold Weather Condition you have to find some Wood and Start fire for Bonfire to heat yourself. However, you also have to Kill animals like Deer Chicken to maintain your health and to get the worm.


In this case, if you remain outside the hose you rapidly losing your body temperature. Which hurt you are in exchange for health and you will die in a couple of minutes. There is also a Minor change in Volume Control of your teammates allow you to adjust individual teammates volume alongside a Mute or Push to talk.


Furthermore, Thee is a New Color Blind Mode featuring a Color Adjustment for Color Blindness Peoples. There are No Major disadvantages while playing a game with your enemies.



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