Microsoft’s open-source project has made a big change to the PowerToys Suit tool with the new version 0.53.1. This allows users to make changes to the tool. To make Windows 10 and 11 more useful, we changed the UI and experience, which includes the snap layout and Span groups. It gets a major update based on what people say and how stable it is.

What’s new in PowerToy 0.53.1

There is a handful number of upgrade comes with this version, Checkout the following highlights of the update

  • Users can pin the active window on top of other applications.
  • New web search plugin, which allows you to search for any query on the web.
  • It adds support for G-code files, which means it allows viewing of G-Code files through thumbnails.
  • Additions: Video-conference mute, FancyZone, ColorPicker, and PowerRename.
  • Others include BG fixes, optimization, and more.
  • Vishal Quirk, and if you have a custom address set, it will be upgraded to the default.

How to Pin an Acive Window with PowerToy.

It is a simple way to pin or unpin the windows that are currently open. The keyboard shortcuts It will make a border around the active windows when you press it. This will show them off and make them stand out from other windows. On the other hand, you can choose which apps aren’t always on top.

How to use Microsoft’s PowerToy Web-Search

By following “??” Typing your query command will execute it to run and search the web. It will open with the default search engine and web-browser. This could be a pretty handy replacement for the Windows Run Dialogue Box.

PowerToys 0.53.1 can be downloaded now.

   Download PowerToys v0.53.1

To say it another way: This upgrade will help you It has a lot of useful things. You can read the whole patch note on GitHub. This is the best place to read it. Also, if you already have PowerToys, think about getting the most recent version of PowerToys.

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