Beeper is a platform that brings DMs from 13 social media sites, which include iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord, Slack, and more. They have refreshed their Android app with a redesigned UI and under-the-hood optimization to improve performance. Everyone who already has a Beeper account can test the latest Beeper Android app (Early-Access), while others can join the waitlist.

Download Beeper, the Universal Inbox for the Top-Chat App

The developer has built the Bepper Android App from the ground up with the help of Kotlin and Jetpack Compose, which not only redesigned the visuals but also added support for Foldables.

You can download New Bepper for Android from the Google Play Store. After installing, simply login to your account, which you also need to verify through the mail. During the initial setup, it may take up to 8 minutes to sync all your accounts.

What’s new with the Bepper Android App?

Download New Beeper for Android | Join Open Beta
  • There is a complete OLED black theme.
  • New unique reply threading that works across chat networks.
  • Instant Chat is open (local message cache)
  • Users can add a Chat Network without needing a desktop to set up.
  • Chat Bubble, Tablet-Mode, Foldable, and more features were added.

Other things that can be counted as improvements are the native QR scanner and search across chat networks. One thing to note is that Beeper might soon bring paid subscriptions to the near future, but at this moment there aren’t any words yet.

Download New Beeper for Android | Join Open Beta

In addition to this, a new on-device iMessage bridge is coming to Beeper for Android. At this moment, you have to reply to Beeper Mini for this functionality. The app is still in beta, so there might be unexpected crashes or bugs. If you find any, report the issue by navigating to Settings > Report a Problem.

Developers have also shared the roadmap for Beeper for Android. It includes more UI tweaks and clean-ups. Ability to delete chats and send direct messages directly from groups by tapping on the name or avatar in the group.

The network disconnection alerts, arching and marking chats as low priority, scheduled sending, mentions, and another major upcoming feature would be the on-device WhatsApp and Google Message end-to-end encryption bridges. In addition to Android Auto,