Magisk is one of the popular open-source projects that helps Android users with customization to enhance their experience beyond their OEM’s support. One of the significant highlights of Magisk includes MagiskSU, which offers root access for applications, and Magisk Modules, which allow users to modify the device’s system without requiring them to change system files. Magisk Modules are installed in a separate partition and can assist with modifying the system without tampering with the system partition.

Using Magisk helps with customization while allowing users to receive official OTA updates and pass SafetyNet checks. This allows modifying read-only partitions by installing modules, MagiskBoot, a tool for unpacking and repacking Android Boot images, and Zygisk to run code in every Android application’s process. These tools are quite similar to legacy tools like SuperSU; however, they are not limited to root access.

Magisk was developed by well-known security experts who joined the Google Android Platform Security team in 2020. The developer was previously known as topjohnwu on XDA-Forums, where they developed an open-source injection tool, a Superusers management app, and a systemless modding framework.

Magisk v26.2 Beta

This is available in Beta, which adds the ability to extract boot images directly from payload.bin files using the otadump tool to extract the platform. Magisk is quite popular among security researchers and SoC vendors like Rockchip. Documents show how to install Magisk onto a Rockchip device running Android 9 or newer.

You can change your device without changing the original system files. Magisk changes how Android smartphones work without changing the important parts of the phone, making it easy to pass Google’s SafetyNet check and ensure the smartphone is safe.

Magisk v26.2 Changelog: 

[MagiskBoot] Support extracting boot image from payload.bin
[MagiskBoot] Support cpio files containing character files
[MagiskBoot] Support listing cpio content
[MagiskBoot] Directly handle AVB 1.0 signing and verification without going through Java implementation
[Daemon] Make daemon socket a fixed path in MAGISKTMP
[resetprop] Support printing property context
[resetprop] Support only printing persistent properties from storage
[resetprop] Properly support setting persistent properties bypassing property_service
[MagiskSU] Support -g and -G options
[MagiskSU] Support switching mount namespace to PID with -t
[MagiskPolicy] Fix patching extended permissions
[MagiskPolicy] Support more syntax for extended permissions
[MagiskPolicy] Support printing out the loaded sepolicy rules
[App] Support patching boot image from ROM zips
[App] Properly preserve boot.img when patching Samsung firmware with init_boot.img

The last update of Magisk v26 has major changes to its core, with the underlying code upgraded to RUST. You also need to use the latest version of Android, which requires Android 6.0 or higher. Reportedly, some users have encountered issues with Android Lollipop, which is said to no longer work with Magisk.

Download Magisk v26.2 Beta Apk, and Zip

The developer recently rolled out a major update to Magisk version 26.2 that brings crash fixes, new features, and optimizations. The latest version of Magisk brought several important changes to MagiskBoot, MagiskSU, MagiskPolicy, and the Magisk Manager app that changed the boot image from ROM Zips. Not only this, but it also keeps the boot.img when changing Samsung firmware with init_boot.img.

With the recent update, Magisk introduced Zygisk, which allows you to do even more cool things with your phone. Magisk in Zygote, if enabled, allows it to run in special parts of your phone called Zygote daemon processes, which can make their module do things directly in every app on your phone. This project is known as Riru, and it works in similar ways.

Download Magisk 26.2 APK and ZP

You can download the latest version of Magisk. After downloading, rename the file to to get the zip file.

The developers have discontinued Magisk module support due to a lack of time to maintain the code. Alternatively, Clever Fox has created a new tool called Fox’s Magisk Module Manager to help download modules and make the device running even smoother.

Download Magisk v26.2 Beta Apk, and Zip
  • Zygisk: Enables Magisk to run in the Zygote daemon process, allowing module developers to run code directly in every Android app’s process.
  • MagiskHide: This feature has been removed from Magisk due to lack of time and maintenance. It used to pass Google’s SafetyNet checks. You can still keep your phone safe by using Universal SafetyNet Fix.
  • Magisk Installation: Helps with installing the Magisk APK as a normal app or renaming the Magisk Zip and flashing it via TWRP recovery.

Installing Magisk is quite straightforward. It can be easily flashed via TWRP recovery with the Zip extension. Rename the “Magisk-v26.2.apk” to “” and flash it via TWRP Recovery with a Zip extension.