Meet the Instagram Reels&Stories MP4 Downloader
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Instagram has several interesting features, two of which is Instagram reels & stories. Reels are similar like TikTok videos. They’re short mostly and can be enjoyed in a feed stream. Stories are media that will be available for 24 hours for other users to see. Unlike ordinary posts, the stories will disappear after a while.

This can be a problem when someone wants access to someone else’s story content after the timeout. That is, if you’ve seen a cool story, you’ll have to be content with it for the 24-hour period it lasts. That’s why more and more people start looking for a instagram video downloader of stories and reels to have fun with these moments posted whenever they want.

How Instagram Downloader can help you

To deal with these situations you can use Instagram Downloader. It is an online tool for instagram video download mp4 or photos in high quality straight to your smartphone. The pictures and videos will be downloaded to your devices in its original format.

That is, if it is a video story it will be a video file on your device, if it is a photo story it will be a photo story on your device.

This Instagram Downloader is a tool that is part of a larger website called SSSGram. SSSGram has all sorts of cool features for Instagram users, but here we’re going to focus on downloading stories and reels with good quality in this article.

What you need to know is that SSSGram is easy, simple and quick to use. By following a few simple steps you will have the reels videos and stories you want on your device.

How to download Instagram videos with Instagram Downloader

The entire process of using SSSGram to instagram video download 1080p can be summarized in three steps. 

  • The first step is to find the link to the reels video or the story you want to download.

    To do this, find the 3 dots button nearby the reels/story and select the Copy link option in the right corner.Meet the Instagram Reels&Stories MP4 Downloader

  • for reels

    Meet the Instagram Reels&Stories MP4 Downloader

  • Once that’s done, go to Instagram Video Downloader

    and paste the URL address in the search bar and click download.Meet the Instagram Reels&Stories MP4 Downloader

  • Lastly, just wait for the download to finish,

    It will usually only take a few seconds for your video to finish downloading in MP4 high quality.Meet the Instagram Reels&Stories MP4 Downloader

Note that SSSGram Instagram Video Downloader mostly depends on your internet connection speed. If your internet is dropping or slow, you will probably have some problems downloading videos.

SSSGram Instagram Video Downloader is also heavily dependent on the availability of the story to be downloaded. As we already mentioned and you probably already knew, the story is available for a limited time.

If, when placing the story link in SSSGram, the story has already disappeared, you will not be able to download it.

So pay attention to these two things, your internet speed and the availability of the story that will be downloaded. Most of the problems that arise when using SSSGram to download Instagram videos are associated with these two elements.

Final considerations

Meet the Instagram Reels&Stories MP4 Downloader

SSSGram Instagram HD Video Downloader is a great tool that can be used for a variety of reasons. The best thing about this tool is that it is completely free. You don’t need to register to use it, and there are no annoying ads appearing on your screen either.

That is, SSSGram Instagram Video to MP4 Downloader only has to offer and does not ask for anything in return from users.