Google’s is working on it’s upcoming Android version, the Android 12. Some of the UI screenshots have been appearing online with some potential details that reveal it will have major UI revamped. Therefore, Android 12 is expected to launch by the end of this year, and the developer preview is likely to launch quite imminent.

However, the Android 12 wallpaper show’s in the leaked screenshot shows the minimalistic approach with a rounded corner. On the other hand, it will have new native-colour scheme featuring primary and secondary colour applied to the UI.

Android 12 Wallpaper

The wallpaper has been available in different sizes, Which will fit regardless of OS and size, including smartphone, tablet and PC. Android 12 wallpaper is available to download

Although, the new UI will enhance the experience of using an android device as the colour scheme also applied to the third-party application. The constancy will improve the colour sifting, and Android 12 will have major revamped UI from Android 11 alongside tweaking.

Android 12

Not to mention, Android 12 will bring a lot of major improvements and optimization to enhance the Android ecosystem.

How to download and use Android 12 wallpaper on android device.

Android 12 is on its install stage, and wallpaper might not have in its final release.

   Download Android 12 Wallpaper

  • Download the file from the download button and then extract it on your device.
  • After that, Applied the wallpaper according to your preference.
    • Navigate to Settings > Home screen & Lock screen > Set wallpaper > Choose wallpaper > Adjust and apply.
    • ( Settings might be different based on OEM.
  • That’s it, Enjoy.

Wallpapers were so well defined to work with both light and dark mode. Ensure that you have download the wallpaper from the download button and not download the preview images.