WhatsApp App on Mac is a popular option from Meta that allows Mac users to access and use WhatsApp from their Mac computer. However, this app gained significant attention when developers released a new version of the Mac WhatsApp app. As an update to the existing app, it introduced numerous new features, such as synchronised chats, messaging, and file sharing.

In addition to these new features, many people find it interesting to use the WhatsApp app on Mac. Although Your Phone offers complete accessibility, some features still compel Mac users to get the WhatsApp app on their devices. My favourites include seamless multi-platform communication, a dedicated desktop experience, and native MacOS integration. Some of you know this, but you may need to learn how. So, to guide you better, we are here to share everything with you.

Effortless Messaging: A Guide to Getting the WhatsApp App on Mac

When you want to download and install the WhatsApp app on your Mac, there are several things to consider. These include system requirements, compatible Mac models, installation and setup, navigation interfaces, etc. Keeping this in mind, we will provide you with all these insights. So, without further delay, let us understand the system requirements.

System requirements for WhatsApp app installation

  • Operating System: MacOS 11 or later
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or later
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Storage: 200 MB of available disc space
  • Internet Connection: Stable internet connection for messaging, calling, and file sharing
  • A working webcam and microphone are required for voice and video calls.

Downloading and Installing the WhatsApp App on Mac

There are different ways to download and install the WhatsApp app on your Mac. Nevertheless, when considering the different consequences, we find the below-mentioned way to be the best one, so let us try it.

  • Open any browser on your Mac.
  • Search for WhatsApp and go to the official WhatsApp website.
  • From there, click on “Download WhatsApp” and then on “Mac” on the left.
  • After that, the WhatsApp App Installer file for your Mac will start downloading.
  • Now, double-click on the downloaded installer file to open the disc image.
  • Next, drag and drop the WhatsApp icon into the Applications folder.
  • Afterwards, click on “Eject” to exit the disc image.
  • That is it! You are now ready to use the WhatsApp app on your Mac.

Setting Up and Syncing WhatsApp with Your iPhone

  • Launch WhatsApp as installed above.
  • Then, click “Link a device” to get a QR code on the screen.
  • Now open WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  • Next, go to Settings and then tap on “Linked devices”.
  • After that, scan the QR code on your Mac from your iPhone.
  • Confirm the account link on both your Mac and iPhone.
  • Following this, you will see all your iPhone chats successfully synced to the WhatsApp app on your Mac.
  • That is it! You have finished.

Exploring the WhatsApp Desktop Interface

The WhatsApp app on Mac has almost the same appearance as what you see on your iPhone. But of course, some key components’ placement is quite different. For example, the chat list is located on the left side of the app window, and others are similar. When exploring further, we find that the conversation window and input field are the same as what you previously saw on WhatsApp Web.

But being an app, the WhatsApp app on Mac has some additional functionality that works more than enough for an ideal user. I am talking about the menu bar at the app window’s top. You can access various settings, options, and help resources from there. Meanwhile, the WhatsApp app on Mac has easy navigation and feels familiar if you have ever used WhatsApp Web.

Communicating on WhatsApp for Mac: Messaging, Media, and Calls

  • Open the WhatsApp app on your Mac.
  • Then, select the person to whom you want to call or send a message or media.
  • Now, type your message or attach media and hit the send button.
  • Similarly, click the voice/video call option at the top of the chat screen to make a voice/video call.
  • That’s it! This is how you can use the WhatsApp app on a Mac.

Organising chats and contacts in WhatsApp for Mac

In this section, we will understand a few essential functions we perform on WhatsApp. The navigation and placement of options are different, but almost everything is similar to WhatsApp Web. However, there are a few things that you should understand. After analysis, we found that if you want to mute any chat, archive a chat, pin a chat, or delete a chat, right-click on the chat in the chat list and select the appropriate option for the corresponding action.

On the other hand, if you want to add a new contact, click on the New Chat icon and proceed accordingly. To delete any contact, right-click on that contact and select the appropriate option. Specifically for blocking or editing a contact or clearing chat history, open the chat, click the contact name, select “more,” and choose the appropriate option. This is how you can organise chats and manage contacts in the WhatsApp app on Mac.

Configuring Notifications and Privacy on WhatsApp for Mac

Up to this point, we have discussed almost everything about using the WhatsApp app on Mac. However, some people who are very conscious of their privacy settings also want to know about them on the Mac. For this, we have gathered information and found that everything is similar to the WhatsApp app on your iPhone. Whether you are looking for notification settings like customisation, muting, or notification pop-ups, all can be done through the specific settings section.

Similarly, for privacy settings, you can control profile picture visibility, status visibility, last seen status visibility, manage read receipts, and other related privacy settings, just like you do on your phone. Note that for settings like muting a chat, you need to click on the chat and select the appropriate option for the corresponding action. So, this is all about notification and privacy settings on the WhatsApp app on Mac.


After reading that, we can say that using WhatsApp on your Mac offers the convenience of seamless messaging and communication. The benefits of using WhatsApp on Mac extend to efficient communication, synchronisation with your mobile device, and a user-friendly interface. We encourage users to explore the full potential of this platform. Explore the possibilities and enjoy the enhanced user experience. Embrace the ease and efficiency it brings to your digital life, and stay connected effortlessly with friends and family.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What are the features of WhatsApp for Mac?

Ans. All the features are the same as those on your iPhone, but sync accessibility is at the top.

Q2. What is the difference between WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp on Mac?

Ans. The fundamental difference is that WhatsApp is built with a web-based format, while WhatsApp on Mac is developed over an application program, and that’s why it is so easy to use.

Q3. What are the limitations of WhatsApp Desktop?

Ans. The most noticeable downside of WhatsApp Desktop is that it only shows past messages if you have a backup.

Q4. Can I keep WhatsApp on my PC without a phone?

WhatsApp web and now WhatsApp desktop allow you to use WhatsApp on your PC without using your phone.