Meta officially launched Twitter Rivals, Threads, on July 6 globally, and it has become one of the most popular social media platforms, with 100 million signups in just five days. Surprisingly, Threads needs a website for users to use. The company has the Threads website, but it is view-only and allows users to copy links and embed Threads posts on their website. You cannot use Threads to post, like, or check notifications or things on the Threads website.

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The company still needs a functional website, which may be because the company did not schedule to launch Threads officially at this time. Meta launched Threads after finding a good opportunity since Twitter has rate-limited the platform, where unverified users can only post 600 times daily. Since many users have been seeking alternatives for a long time, with the opportunity, Meta decided to launch Threads this week.

Does Threads, an Instagram, have Desktop Web-app

Actually, Threads still needs to get a web app. However, the company does offer view-only, embed, and link sharing, but users cannot post, like, or do other things, which means it still needs to be functional.

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Many features are still in development, such as a chronological feed, multiple account support, enhanced search where you can search for posts, and many other features. These features will be coming with future updates of Threads, and we can also expect the Threads website with all functionality, but it still needs to be added to the priority list.

However, if you want to use Threads on a desktop, you can use Threads via an emulator, or Windows users can use Threads via WSA on Windows 11.

How to Link Threads to Instagram Account

There is no other way, and you need to sign in with your Instagram account.

  • Start by downloading Threads, and then click Login.
  • Then, you need to enter your Instagram credentials to continue using Threads.
  • Set up your Threads profile, or you can import directly from Instagram. Then it will share the list of people you follow on Instagram.
  • Next, it will ask if you want a private or public Threads account, choose based on your preference.
  • Now it will show you how Instagram works, and continue with Threads, an Instagram app.
  • That’s it!

As of now, there is only an app available for mobile devices for both Android and iOS. The app has basic functionality and infrastructure that allows you to write threads up to 500 characters, add ten photos, and 5-minute videos. Overall, the app is stable and does not have any significant bugs or crashes. However, if you want to check the upcoming features of Threads, try enrolling in Google Play Store via Beta Program.

Also, while checking out the website, note that the company’s Threads by Instagram website is, not, which coincidentally was founded by a former Meta employee. As for, it is a productivity platform that enhances workplace communication and efficiency.