Google has started rolling out Windows Hello Protection for password autofill in the latest Chrome browser for Windows 11. Windows 11 now has Windows Hello enabled by default to protect passwords during autofill. When you save a password, it asks for confirmation in the upper-right corner and appears at the autofill time. This is done to streamline payment and password protection.

This is the latest security practice on Google Chrome, as it protects your saved passwords and adds an extra layer of authentication at the time of autofill. This feature is still in beta but is now available to everyone. It ensures that autofill is only allowed after authentication if someone else uses your Windows device. With this latest integration, users can enable Windows Hello integration for Chrome and take advantage of better protection.

Google Chrome’s “Protect Passwords with Windows Hello”

This feature has been available since 2020, but Google recently made it available with biometric methods for saving or accessing Windows 11 or 10 passwords. It would be useful to enable this feature when casually using the browser.

It is useful since it is better to have autofill with authentication instead of not having any verification for autofill. As technology advances, we will also have passwordless integration across. You can turn off Windows Hello access and autofill passwords for your sites.

Once users enable this feature, Windows Hello will authenticate when saving passwords. If users do not have biometrics, they can use a PIN to continue. Some users have reported frustration with using Windows Hello because every time they visit a site, they are prompted to enter a PIN as Chrome tries to autofill saved passwords. For those who want to deactivate, here are the following instructions mentioned below:

Disable Windows Hello on Google Chrome.

To disable the “Google Chrome is trying to fill in your password” prompt, follow these instructions:

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How to Disable Windows Hello on Chrome
  • You will find a toggle for the “Use Windows Hello When Filling in Passwords” option there.
  • Disable this option, For this it ask you to enter password and restart your browser.
  • That is it!

After deactivating this, Chrome will not prompt you to enter Windows Hello authentication again. Now, you can automatically fill in saved passwords when you visit a website. This will improve the protection of your browser. If you later want to enable Windows Hello, you can follow the same steps to do so.