Hey, Tech Greeks. Once in a Life, We think at least once Could We use Tv as Monitor? So We are Going to Solve this With Some Most Key points Which You need to Know to.

We don’t talk about the Old Technology Tv, There We have none Option to Use our Tv as Monitor But Now We can. Many of the Tv using HDMI Port. 

But You Should not Use like this Because They both are Optimise for There Work not for Every Purpose. The Design also a Major thing, For their Use of Proposition Manufacture Design.

First thing First, Monitor is Design Customize for Gaming, Visual Details. The Response Time or Refresh Rate Means a lot. Monitor allow you to Watch the Function you do in Realtime.

On the Other Hand Tv, We don’t Say’s only for Low-End Television. We consider the High-End Television, The Response TIme/ Refresh TIme of the Tv is 10x Slower than Monitor in Every Single Case.

Even Monitor Comes With High Refresh Rate up to 240Hz, Awesome Isn’t it. Not to Mention Adaptive Refresh Rate Like G-Syn and Free Syn Easily Found in almost Every Single Monitor But in a Case of Tv.

Second Point is Color Accuracy, Monitor Use to Produce Punchy Color. So Tv Optimise for Better Cinematic Shots for Your eyes to Seen. Which you Like in Tv but not in Monitor Because Every Single Detail Means a lot to Creators.

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The main Advantage of Tv is that you can Choose Different Screen Size and Demand for Better Technology Display. But You can Found a Monitor With OLED Display Technology.

Thanks for Monitor You can Get Better Picture Quality Even When You See a 43-Inch Tv and Compare With 23-Inch Monitor. You amaze With the Same Quality in Both at Same Distance.

Overall he Monitors is for Speed and Color Accuracy, While Tv Brings Different Screen Size and Contrast.

Thanks for Being With Us, Let Us know your Opinion and Feedback in the COmment Section DOwn below. Stay tuned for More FUrther Updates.