Windows 11 has been positioned as a game-changer for the tech industry. When you consider its capabilities, there may not be anyone who can compete against it. The significance becomes even more apparent with the introduction of Windows 11 Moment Updates, a promise from developers to update or improve Windows throughout the year.

It is for this reason that users are eagerly awaiting the release of Windows 11 Moment 3. As a Windows 11 Moment 3 update, it is imperative that we have lots of new features that improve the user experience. But what makes an update dominant is what developers have improved. For the Windows 11 Moment 3 update, developers have made a lot of improvements. Let’s check them out.

What’s changes developers made in Windows 11 moment 3 update: Complete Improvements

Whenever we talk about improvements, the only thing we think about is what was the previous concern and how it is today. Being Microsoft’s momentary updates for Windows 11, we hope for numerous improvements throughout the year. It is because of this promise that users today are eagerly looking forward to Windows 11 moment 3 wallpapers. It is well deserved because developers have done a lot.

If you look over the two previous Windows 11 updates, you will find a plethora of improvements. Microsoft Edge starts up faster, New Teams app runs 2x faster, and most importantly, 6% energy reduction was achieved in Shell Interactions (Taskbar, Notifications, Quick settings). Once again, we have a lot of improvements in the Windows 11 Moment 3 Update. So, let’s check it.

Reduced game stutter with high report rate mice

In Windows 11 moment 3 update, the most cornering thing you will find in it is reduced game stutter. Previously, while playing games the system loose FPS and unable to process it effectively. But with the recent moment update, things have become possible and now that game stutter has reduced with high report rate mice as an extra benefit.

Optimised security for better ESS Performance

Windows 11 has a specific programme called Enhanced Secure Sign-On (ESS) that evitable innovates by developers to provide security. But previously the concern was sometimes the security feature was getting stuck in between apps processing. Now Windows 11 moment 3 update made things improved by optimising security for better ESS Performance.

Improved running speed of File explorer

There are many time when the user have lot of storage space, the Windows PC delivers slower boot up of file explorer. I agree this is a small thing but these small things made big difference when they come together. Similar thing, developers done with Windows 11 moment 3 update, here they tried to improve the file explorer boot up speed by 40%. Apart from deleting the files in bulk also complimentary to it.

Faster and more improved post boot experience

Being Windows 11 has a long line-up of features and improvements, it requires more processing strength and power. But most of the times the boot up of apps and similar things become harsh as it takes long time to boot up. This was a curious concern from last two updates but with Windows 11 moment 3 update, the boot up time has now reduced to empower performance.

class="wp-block-heading">Applications That Run on Windows Have Improved

Apart from In-system applications there are numerous application we load up over Windows. But today’s applications are large and requires lot of RAM usage to run perfectly. And Especially with apps in windows needs proper distinction. However, some apps has optimization but some have not. For this, developers improved the things with Windows 11 moment 3 update. Now apps like Microsoft Teams and Edge are now improved.

Optimized Windows Hello performance

When you kick off from Windows Hello page, the system get slow down itself. At that time, the system loads and Hello boot up performed simultaneously. But due to extra burden this hello performance got slower. Now developers configure that issue and resolved it with optimizing Windows Hello Performance. So that from now Hello performance would be more useful than ever.

Apart from these improvements, there are a few more improvements that are minor but made significant change in overall Windows 11 experience. These are taskbar visible after login, improved task view under heavy loads, optimized notification service, faster launch time for Quick & Notification Settings, reduce size on disk by incorporating on-demand features, improvement in touch keypad, CPU usage, voice typing activation time and speed of theme changes.

Moreover, These are the improvements available to users publicly. But there are some improvement to be for testing purpose available to developers this month. These improvements are for debugging enhanced kernel minidump format, Collect Live kernel dumps via Task manager, support for Windows performance analyzer for available arms devices, and third party data views. In partner centre.

To Sum up, Windows 11 moment 3 update has done a great work for users as well as developers to enhance performance. And you can see how the above improvements satisfying that the coming Windows 11 experience would be better from previous one. Best thing is you can download that even today. To be futuristic, developers has lot of more plans to empower the Windows user experience. Let’s see what more Windows 11 moment update come ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Why is Windows 11 so buggy and slow?

Ans. Since here developers introduced a lot of new things and some of them showing bug. But don’t worry Moment updates are well enough to fix it.

Q2.Why does Windows 11 keep asking if I want to shut down?

Ans. There are numerous causes behind this problem. But presently developers address this issue and already fixed it.

Q3.Can I refuse to install Windows 11?

Ans. You can refuse it through Settings >> Windows Update >> Advance Settings >> Recovery >> Previous Windows version.

Q4.What happens if I don’t upgrade to Windows 11?

Ans. You might be miss out numerous features and improvements and remains stay with previous reporting bugs.