Well, We already have dedicated Grocery stores to purchase daily needs directly from the web. Also,
their quality and pricing are subject to market trends with probable discount coupons. But, now to cover
up the local market on the web, Delhi Government took an initiative for delivering local needs to Delhi

Moreover, They have planned everything for the e-portal called Dilli Bazaar. The ministry has done a
meeting and analysed the whole need. Then, after a long discussion announced a final decision to start
the E-Shopping portal in December 2022. So, To let you know more below we have covered the full

Delhi CM Launched E-Shopping Portal “Dilli Bazaar Starts From December

Whenever we look at India, there are some dedicated states that self took the initiative to better their
citizen’s life. Among them, Delhi Government also tries to make their UT citizens’ lives better. As you
know, Delhi’s Road rage and busy life act as a hurdle to doing daily need work. It includes the major
need of purchasing groceries.

According to CM Arvind Kejriwal, the Dilli Bazaar will offer upto 10,000 front shops from the beginning.
Also, all the sellers will be verified by the association. Additionally, The purchaser can see a lot of variety
for products with price comparison listed by the seller. Alongside, the whole operations of Dilli Bazaar
will be taken care of by a third-party agency.

Moreover, Dilli Bazaar is a dedicated platform offering sellers to trade widely and buyers to purchase
from Delhi’s major shops by sitting at home. And, like every e-shopping portal, it has a filter search
option to ease the buyer. The CM aimed to ease the citizen under the rigid business of the city. So, be
ready the portal will live from December onwards.