Every OEM is trying to patch your data, which is why some of the default settings are set to send diagnoses to the company, but it requires just a little effort to stop. Most default settings can easily be opt-out from sending data; here is a quick guide to turning the default settings.

Disable Default Settings on Apple iPhones

These settings are enabled during the setup, following data sharing (Read how apple shares data) about apps use and location.

  • Open Tracking, and toggle to turn off “Allow Apps to Request to Track.”
    Now it will promote other apps to stop sharing data with third parties.
    If an app asks to track your activity
    Courtesy: Apple Support
  • Open Apple Advertising, and Toggle to turn off “Personalized Ads.
    Control personalized ads on the App Store, Apple News, and Stocks
    Courtesy: Apple Support

    Apple will not use your information to show personalized ads on Apple Store, Apple News, and Stocks.

  • Open Analytics & Improvements, Toggle to turn off “Share iPhone Analytics.
    It will avoid sharing data with Apple for use, like Apple to improve the product.
  • Open Location Service, Head over to System Service and toggle to turn off “iPhone Analytics and Routing & Traffic.
    This setting will now stop the use of geodata with Apple, and Apple to improve its Apple Maps.

Disable Default Settings on Android Devices

This includes Google Products, Web-Services (Google Search, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Account), and Android. It is pretty handy regarding Google Data management; You can control your data on Google My Activity.

Disable Default Settings on Meta

One of the most controversial companies in terms of privacy, Meta’s Facebook, has a Privacy Checkup tool

in the settings. You can use this to tweak settings to ensure your privacy.

Disable Default Settings on Amazon

If you use Amazon devices like Alexa and Ring camera, disabling some settings is highly recommended. Amazon allows you to manage how you control your data. Last year, Amazon announced their Amazon Sidewalk to share their product with other devices nearby. Reportedly, it could be misused when it comes to people’s data.

Disable Amazon Sidewalk on Eco Speaker

Disable Amazon Sidewalk on Amazon Ring Camera

Disable your Wishlist for Public

Amazon Wishlist sets Public as default, and to disable it, and you can visit your wishlist and Set it as Private. You have to do this with every wishlist on your Amazon account.

Disable Default Settings on Windows

It comes with many settings and Enabled By-Default on Windows. You can turn those off from the Settings by navigating to Privacy and Security from the General. One of the things is to disable the Diagnose sent to Microsoft to improve the products.