Threads has become the fastest-growing application, surpassing 100 million users in just five days. Meta saw an opportunity as Twitter users searched for an alternative, and they captured almost all of them on Instagram. Since Twitter has rate-limited post views per day and other features behind paywalls, Threads has become an excellent alternative for now.

Although the app has many missing features, the company has confirmed that it will release many updated features this week. The company has also introduced Beta enrollment via the Google Play Beta Programme. If you are wondering how to enable dark mode on Instagram Threads, let us look at how to use the System-Wide theme, as Threads does not have a native dark mode option.

How do I enable dark mode on Threads?

Users cannot toggle between Threads’ dark and light modes. Instead, they need to tweak their device settings to set Threads to the System preference for dark or light mode. Unfortunately, the Threads app has no dark or light mode option.

Enabling Dark Mode on Threads

To enable Dark Mode on Threads, follow these steps:

On iOS:

  • Open Device Settings, and then go to Display and Brightness.
  • Under Appearance, you will find the option for Dark Mode.
  • Turn on Dark Mode.

On Android:

  • Open Device Settings, and then go to Display and Brightness.
  • Choose Light or Dark Mode based on your preference.
  • Tap on the toggle button to switch to Dark Mode.

Note: You can also use the Dark Mode/Light Mode toggle in Quick Settings on your Android device to instantly switch between Dark or Light Mode.

On Windows:

  • Open in your browser.
  • Click on the Threads logo to switch between Light and Dark modes based on your preference.
  • Please note that this is a view-only option, and Threads has no functionality within the website yet.

We can expect the app to offer Dark or Light mode options with future updates, similar to Instagram. The option to change Threads’ Dark Mode is unavailable within the app. However, you can change the background using the built-in settings on your phone.

Dark mode has several benefits, such as reducing eye strain, which makes it quite valuable for low-light environments. Additionally, it saves more battery since modern displays utilize AMOLED, which dims pixels when they are black. Although Instagram has Threads Dark Mode or Light Mode options through its settings, there is no option to enable Dark Mode within the Threads app itself.