Samsung Custom Skin One UI 6.1 based on Android 14 already comes with a lot of features, but there are more that you can experience when it comes to customization. On a Samsung device, you can download Good Lock, which gives access to modules for adjustments and tweaks to the device.

So if you’ve been wondering how you can make your experience of using a Samsung device better, this is where the Samsung device stands out among other Android devices. You can start using Good Lock’s modules to further unlock the options for personalization features.

What is Samsung Good Lock – Ultimate guide to customizing your Galaxy phone?

Must-have for Galaxy phone owners. Here’s how to use it to customize your device.

Android devices do offer plenty of customisation on their own, but some system preferences remain unchanged. But with Samsung’s Good Lock, you can make and adjust devices based on your preferences. Almost every aspect, like the lock screen, notification shade, and menu items, can be adjusted. GoodLock is an app that comes with several utilities or modules for additional functionalities. This makes one UI feel more like a custom ROM.

The app was developed and offered by Samsung, so it’s entirely safe to use and shouldn’t drain the battery, but some modules and customisations may increase battery drain in some cases. Not to mention, this won’t slow down your device, and many customisation options may demand more than others; either way, you shouldn’t notice any major slowdown.

Good Lock Guide: Complete guide to customize my Samsung Galaxy, and you should too.

This is a powerful customisation app that allows Samsung users to add more functionality to their device like Keys Cafe to customise their keyboard, Camera Assistance to add more settings to controls within the camera app, Lockstart and ClockFace customisation gives accessible forms within the setting app rather than being a separate app, which makes it easier to customise the lock screen and clock faces, but there is more to it.

In addition to this, it also allows Samsung users to change the Game Booster functionality, which improves performance and saves battery but also puts the device on DND to stop notifications from bothering them while playing. I think you can have ultimate personalisation tools for the Samsung device, which bring better notifications, multitasking, Lock Screen, wallpaper, keyboard, theme, and more. It does not come pre-installed, but you need to choose what you want to install through Good Lock.

How to Download and Install Good Lock App to Use in Samsung Galaxy Phone (All Countries)

Samsung has started rolling out the Good Lock 2024 update with One Ui 6.1 Support; it has already been supported on many Galaxy devices.

Good Lock 2024 supports Samsung One UI 6 for greater customization!

It is available to download. You can download Good Lock from the Galaxy Store.

  1. Open the Galaxy Store.
  2. Search for Good Lock, and now head over to the page.
  3. Then download Good Lock, and after downloading, open it to view all available Good Lock modules, like Keys Cafe.

There you will find all the available modules. Good Lock contains a series of modules that are designed to tweak every facet of the user’s interface. It has a total of 20 modules, which you can choose to install based on your preference and willingness to tinker with one UI.

Download Good Lock 2024 Patch APK

However, there are various restrictions on selected countries, which make it unavailable in many countries.

Good Lock hasn’t been available in European countries for the longest time, but you can bypass the restrictions by downloading and installing the Good Lock 2024 APK (Courtesy: Corsicanu).

As an alternative, you can also download the Nice Lock developed by XDA Developer Xantrk, available to download from the Google Play Store for $4, which allows users to download and use the Good Lock on their device.

After downloading the Good Lock app, you can install, and use it like any other application.

Here are all the new Good Lock Modules 2024 features to customize a Samsung Galaxy phone.

There are plenty of Good Lock modules that you can try to enhance your experience with customisation and personalisation features. From Good Lock, you can download the module; the 2024 update doesn’t add any new modules yet.

How to Customize Samsung Keyboard with Keys Cafe | Good Lock module in the Samsung Mobiles app and improve your typing speed and accuracy.

We have shared some of the popular Good Lock modules that you can try. You can either download the module from the Galaxy Store, Good Lock, or from the official link down below.

I use the Good Lock module every day to personalise and improve my users’ experiences; I barely scare the surety with these modules. I’ll try to cover everything. Furthermore, if you want to remove the Good Lock modules, simply uninstall them individually from Good Lock itself. Some modules, like Good Guardian, have only been available in selected regions, but you can expect them to become available in more countries.


Samsung doesn’t only make great hardware but also one of the best Android 14-based custom skins, One Ui 6.1, and there are a lot of perks to using it. It offers various customisations that go beyond Android functionality. Samsung Good Lock is similar to Microsoft PowerToys, which allows you to add more features.

You can use it for personalisation to further improve your user experience. I believe Samsung Customisation Tools, GoodLock, is indeed one of the most useful apps that Samsung users should try because of all the functionality that you can add that you are used to.In addition to everything, Samsung is planning to add more new features and modules to Good Lock 2024, but they haven’t shared the details yet.