Valve has officially announced one of the most popular next-gen tactical FPS games, Counter-Strike 2, after testing the game for several months during its beta stage for almost six months. For this, developers have been using the Source 2 engine, which brought several new features to the game on September 27.

This game is already one of the best esports games in the industry and has become a breakthrough in multiplayer esports FPS games. The game is now officially available for all users to play, and the company has officially released the system requirements for CS2. All existing CS: GO inventory items will also be accessible in Counter-Strike 2. It brings several major improvements to the next generation of tactical shooters in CS2.

CS: GO brings major upgrades with Counter-Strike 2.

It brings new features, updated visuals, maps, UI, and more, enhancing the experience.

  • Smoke grenades are dynamic now.
  • Revamped Lighting System
  • New UI
  • Better reflections
  • Enhanced gameplay

What are the Counter-Strike 2 system requirements?

The minimum system requirements for Counter-Strike 2 are:

How to Download Counter-Strike 2.0 to Play Now
ComponentMinimum System Requirements
Processor (CPU)Intel Core i5 750 or higher / Four Threaded CPU
Graphics (GPU)GPU supporting DirectX11, 1GB VRAM, Shader Model 5.0
Memory (RAM)8GB RAM
Storage Space85 GB
Operating Systemat least Windows 10

Download Counter-Strike 2 for Windows

You can download Counter-Strike 2 for Windows. The upgrade will be available for free from CS: GO to CS2. However, there is a Prime Status upgrade, and as long as you match the system requirements, you can enjoy the game.

How to Download Counter-Strike 2.0 to Play Now
  • Start by downloading and installing the Steam Client, then logging in with your Steam account.
  • Search for Counter-Strike 2 and click on CS2 from the suggested page.
  • From the Steam Client, click Play, which will prompt you to configure the CS2 installation, which will open in a new browser window.
  • Click on Play Game, which will prompt a new dialog box to open Steam, and then click on Yes if Steam is installed.

Note: Counter-Strike 2 is available to play for free, but you can buy the Prime Status upgrade to get exclusive Prime features.

You may wonder why you would want to have Prime. CS2 Prime will have exclusive matchmaking and also have fewer hackers. Now, you can proceed with the installation option, and the game will start downloading. You will also need to configure the drive to install on Steam by clicking on the Settings button, where you can choose the Prime Status upgrade.

Play Counter-Strike 2 on Windows for Free

  • Open Steam, then head to the Library and look for Counter-Strike 2.
  • Choose the game and click Play to start the game.
  • When you launch the game, it will start downloading the necessary components, such as DirectX Visual C++.
  • After that, the game will launch, and you can start playing.