Microsoft has announced the early access of Copilot to Team Phone and Chat, where users will be able to use Copilot during calls and inside chat messages. The company announced Microsoft 365 Copilot earlier this year, which allows users to use Artificial General Intelligence to generate real-time content such as summarization and translation.

It would be really helpful if Microsoft Copilot could assist in getting important things done, which normally take a lot of time, such as generating dates, names, and key points during calls. Microsoft demonstrated a call with a salesperson where Copilot assisted in tracking key dates, numbers, and the things that clients need to get.

Microsoft Teams CoPilot for Calls and Chat

Microsoft Teams will now also allow you to summarize calls, and take records of important calls to capture relevant questions about the product, feature benefits, and pricing. Not only this, but it also helps you gather feedback and write follow-up emails with the context of the conversation and things which were raised during a call. Depending on the details of the conversation, it assists you with the details of the calls in your workflow.

Microsoft Teams' phone and chat now have Copilot in early access.

Here, the company is leveraging the OpenAI model which means you can ask queries in natural language and it will respond conversationally. It seems to be quite useful. Recently, tech giants like Google have also announced their Duet which is quite similar to Microsoft CoPilot. Here, you can draft follow-up emails and CoPilot will help you with generating responses in the context of previous emails. Through this, you can also create a table containing roles, responsibilities, action items, dependencies, issues based on the product output, and much more.

Microsoft Teams' phone and chat now have Copilot in early access.

With the announcement, Microsoft Teams Phone unified the Communication as a Service (UCaaS) solution to support Generative AI (GAI) capabilities in phone calls that support both VoIP and PSTN models. On top of this, Microsoft Teams updated with a dynamic emergency calling feature which shares the location you enter with emergency services like 911. Dynamic Emergency feature is only supported on Windows, MacOS, iOS, Team Phone, and Teams Rooms. As for the web, the company has announced they are working on it and will roll it out shortly.

Microsoft Teams Copilot Beta

It is available to all Microsoft 365 users who participated in the Copilot early-access program and will start testing Microsoft 365 Copilot with around 600 customers before the company starts rolling it out globally. Before continuing, Microsoft also announced that they will be raising the price of Microsoft 365 by $30 per user per month for the Copilot. To join the early access of Microsoft Teams, follow these instructions:

class="wp-block-image size-full">Microsoft Teams' phone and chat now have Copilot in early access.
  • Open Microsoft Teams, and then go to Settings and More in the upper-right corner.
  • From there, select About and then click on Public Preview.
  • That’s it!

Note: On your profile in the upper-right corner, it will show Team Public Preview indicated by “EA” for early access to Team features.

There is no official date when Microsoft will be rolling out the stable update. We have seen Microsoft integrating their Copilot into Microsoft’s products and services, including Windows, Microsoft 365, Edge, GitHub, and more.