If you are always up to date with AI Space, I am sure you already know that Microsoft is preparing an AI assistant called “Copilot” for their workspace. Nowadays, most companies use support to improve their products and user experience. As a result, Microsoft developed its own AI assistant based on the GPT-4 Language Model.

Microsoft 365 Copilot started an early access program for first 600 businesses: Know How to Join
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As an AI assistant, it has all the benefits you expect from it. These benefits include generating ideas, converting ideas into themes, and summarizing whiteboard content. The thing is, Microsoft is already releasing updated features in productivity apps. They are committed to adding Copilot to their premium apps to provide the most efficient productivity experience. So, let’s see what’s next.

Microsoft 365 Copilot has started an early access program for 600 businesses. Learn how to join.

Microsoft demonstrated this Copilot AI Assistant to 20 other popular companies, including Chevron, Goodyear, and several others, back in March 2023. They received honest feedback from them. They had some decent features at that time, but based on feedback, improvements were needed. For this reason, Microsoft added all the features requested and is now allowing the first 600 businesses to join the Copilot preview.

Microsoft users know Copilot has been tested with some businesses. However, they need to realize that Microsoft has started rolling out its preview to the first 600 clients, including several changes. Moreover, they need to learn how to join such a preview. For this reason, we will explain below what’s new in Microsoft Copilot and how you can join that early access preview. So without further delay, let’s look at what’s new here.

Create a custom image in PowerPoint.

Microsoft PowerPoint integrates with DALL-E, so you can ask Copilot to create an image based on your input. Additionally, you can improve your presentation writing with this integration. You can turn heavy text into simplified bullets or organized content and rephrase it to maintain flow.

Get Tips on Writing Emails in Outlook

When you use Copilot in Outlook to compose a message, it provides guidelines on how to phrase it in a particular tone and situation. It also informs you of the most effective way to write an email. This allows you to bridge the gap between what can be done well and what can be done better. Besides enabling the user to get the most effective tips and make accurate notes while writing, it is also an excellent tool for easing the day-to-day writing process.

Write impressively with OneNote.

OneNote is Microsoft’s workspace, where you write important points you want to remember. When compared to other AI-enabled note makers, writing was so much hassle. But with Copilot, you can summarise heavy content into bullet points and identify unanswered questions. And the unique thing is that now you can create a plan to stay organized.

Generate highlights in the Loop.

Microsoft 365 Copilot started an early access program for first 600 businesses: Know How to Join

Microsoft’s Loop application integrates users with teams, content, and tasks. Previously, users had to configure highlighting settings when importing summarised content manually. But with Copilot, users can now generate highlights from summarised content with a single click. Additionally, users can edit the summary by mentioning team members to call their attention.

Improve Your Understanding with Viva

Microsoft has another Viva software that supports connection, insight, purpose, and organization using a predefined format. However, it already has such features that they need no introduction. But Copilot has enriched the experience by including enhanced features such as booking time on the calendar. It has also improved my understanding of how neural networks operate and created a learning collection on the platform.

In addition to these upcoming integrations, Copilot has continued with all previous capabilities, such as the Semantic Index (to map a company’s data), brainstorming creative slogans from just one original word, visualizing ideas quickly on a whiteboard, and many more. After reading this, you might be wondering how to join this preview. After all, it is limited to the first 600 clients. For this, we share the steps below on how to join it.

Note: This preview is only for businesses that pay for it. Also, these steps will help you submit your request to use Copilot. Microsoft will review it and notify you if you are selected to use it.

  • Obtain access to the Microsoft Copilot website.
  • Click on the “Get Started” button.
  • Sign in with your Microsoft account.
  • Provide your contact information.
  • Select the products you want to use Copilot with.
  • Submit your request.

With these instructions, you will try Copilot. However, if you are looking for the final release, you must wait. The developers have not given any specific date for the final rollout. As of now, these are the basic details available for Microsoft Copilot. I hope you have learned everything about this new Microsoft initiative. Let’s see what the response of these 600 clients will be; after all, the final release ultimately depends on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I access Microsoft Copilot now?

Ans. You can request access, but it depends on Microsoft whether you will be granted access or not.

Q2. Will Microsoft Copilot be free?

Ans. No, you need to pay for it. To use it on Windows 11, you must be a Windows Insider Programme member.

Q3. Is Copilot free for Visual Studio?

Ans. It is free for GitHub-verified students.

Q4. Is Copilot better than Mint?

Ans. Copilot is better than Mint.