Microsoft officially launched support for iCloud Photos on Windows. With the Windows 11 update, Users can access iCloud Photos with the Windows Photos apps. There are plenty of methods to get access to your iCloud Photos. You can browse your iCloud Photos on the web. 

This feature comes in handy if you want to have real-time access to your iPhone photos on a Windows PC without any hassle. Windows 11 Photos app recently received major visual improvements and enhanced the experience by integrating Cloud Syncing. 

How to Setup iCloud Photos on Windows Photos 

Before proceeding, ensure that your PC is running Windows 11 22H2 or higher 

  • Open Microsoft Photos
  • From the left-side panel, click on the iCloud Photos icon. 
  • Upon enabling it, it will ask you to log in to iCloud Photos to access your iCloud photos. Next, Enter the verification code and then in the next window, it asks you to select the items you want to sync. Check the checkboxes and hit Apply. 
  • That’s it, now all your iCloud Photos will appear in the Windows App app in the iCloud Photos section. 

After setting things up, you can view, and sort, just like other photos on your Windows desktop. To ensure everything works fine, update your Photos app from the Microsoft Store even if you have not updated Windows.  

Recently, Apple made its Apple Music app debut on Xbox Console. Additionally, Microsoft also launched Linux Instances on the Microsoft Store for everyone. Windows 11 aims to be one of the most open desktop platforms with support for rival services and apps.