Hey Guys, Today We Will Learn How to Connect a USB Keyboard & Mouse to an Android mobile?

How to Connect a USB Keyboard Mouse to an Android mobile?

First Thing First You need Some Accessories as OTG adapter, USB HUB along Keyboard and Mouse. You don’t have to Worry about Anything Most of the Device Nowadays Support OTG adapter.

I need to Tell you Something that if you are Plane to Play Game Like PC Gaming then You are Wrong. But you Can Write Something Like What you do in Your Pc.

We OTG Adapter to Connect With USB Hub First, So Your Keyboard and Mouse can Connect. Before COnnecting OTG adapter to Mobile, You Need to Enable OTG Connection.

You Need to Go first at Setting > Additional Setting > OTG Connection > Enable USB Debugging or Simply Search for OTG in the Setting Search bar. There Were Some Devices Which has OTG Enable by Default or You can also Enable in the Notification Panel after Connecting the OTG adapter to Your Device.

Therefore, You can Connect the OTG to your Mobile Device. If you want to Play Game Using Keyboard and Mouse then You need to Install Gamepad. Help you further to Function Key Called as Key Mapping. I Suggest you Buy Gaming Accessories Not to Go with Keyboard and Mouse.

Because you Can’t Charge Your Device Simultaneously While Connecting. Moreover, If you plane to Go with Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse. Make Sure that it Work WIth Mobile Device. There Were Few Keyboard Mouse Wich is Not Work Though or you Need Android OS 3.0 or Higher to Use Bluetooth Mouse Keyboard.

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Before Processing Check your Wired Keyboard Mouse Check for OTG supporting by your Device.

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Okay, If you were Done that Let us Know Why You want to Use Keyboard Mouse in your Mobile Device. Share Feedback in the Comment Section DOwn Below, Stay tuned for More Tech Updates.