I am sure all the Call of Duty enthusiasts have engaged with a new space, which means a new map called Verdansk. Players are extremely excited when their squad parachutes toward the bustling superstore. The best part about Verdansk is its loot availability. Among the different maps in Call of Duty, this one appears to be unique. 

Everyone wants powerful weapons, armor, and equipment to win the game. I mean, this is the very difference between dominating the battlefield and becoming another fallen soldier. But being a loot-centric map, some players struggle with finding loot there. So, here we will explain to you the top looting locations there.

Top-tier looting locations in Verdansk

There are a plethora of locations in Verdansk that witness varied looting options. But as per players’ experience and some repetition, few locations completely serve as hubs of loot. For sure, any player who is struggling with finding loot on Call of Duty can get relief by exploring these locations. So without any delay, let’s have a look at such locations.

Superstore: A Looter’s Paradise

This top-tier location in Call of Duty: Verdansk appears to be a dominant one. Here, you will get legendary weapons along with a centric location crowd. However, being so dominant, everyone knows such locations. So to get fruitful results, I recommend landing near exterior walls for quick access to buildings. Also, use smoke grenades to create cover during the initial engagement. 

Television Station: Dominate from Above

Especially for strategic players, the television station appears to be a great location. It offers a unique vantage point, especially the rooftop, which provides more sightlines across Verdansk. Ultimately allowing you to control long-range engagements. With the help of multiple buildings surrounding the base, each housing valuable loot containers, navigate such structures cautiously to flank unsuspecting enemies.

Hospital: A Maze of Medical Supplies

Hospitals undoubtedly cater to those who thrive in close-quarter combat. Because of its dense layout, filled with numerous rooms and corridors, and intense firefights. However, high-tier loot containers are scattered throughout, but of course, some strategic maneuvering is required. In such a scenario, you can use grenades to flush out campers and prioritize securing key chokepoints. 

Farmland: A Strategic Spread of Hidden Gems

Farmland witnessing a wide spread of numerous small buildings provides decent loot. The true strategic benefit of farmland lies in controlling the open fields there. This allows for rotation and provides important cover during engagements. Once you effectively rotate through various farms, you ensure a constant stream of loot while minimizing exposure to enemies.

Boneyard: Best for Savvy Scavengers

At this location, players will find scattered airplane wreckage that provides exceptional cover and even sometimes houses high-tier loot. But of course, caution is paramount, as open hangars expose you to long-range firefights. The key is strategic movement. So use the wreckage for cover, flanking routes, and surprise attacks.

Choosing the Right Looting Spot

See, not all loot sports are created equal, so before jumping into the above-given spots, consider a few important factors that play a vital role in choosing the right loot spot for you. If you have a small squad, you may prefer landing in high-risk spots like a supermarket or television station. Similarly, if it has larger squads, consider opting for Farmland or Hospital. 

Apart from team size, playstyle is another factor that says aggressive players seek immediate action and should drop out of spots like Superstore. While those are the opposite, Playstyle should go for a television station or similar location. Besides that, hot drop preference matters a lot, which I think is a personal preference.


To sum up, this guide has unveiled Verdansk’s most lucrative looting grounds, from the adrenaline-pumping chaos of Superstore to the strategic dominance offered by the Television Station. We explored the close-quarter battles of the hospital, the spread-out opportunities of farmland, and the unique challenges and rewards of the boneyard. Remember, the ideal looting location hinges on your team size, playstyle, and hot drop preference, so don’t hesitate to experiment.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. These locations seem too crowded. Are there any alternatives with decent loot?

Ans. Absolutely! Verdansk offers a variety of hidden gems. Consider Storage Town southwest of Superstore Stadium for a central location with diverse combat, or Karachi in the northeast for a balanced industrial and scrapyard environment.

Q2. My squad prefers a more cautious approach. Which locations would you recommend? 

Ans. For a strategic start, explore the outskirts of the Television Station, looting buildings before engaging in long-range fights. Farmland offers spread-out opportunities with decent loot in various farmhouses, allowing for coordinated room clearing.

Q3. Any final tips for looting effectively?

Ans. Prioritise weapon types based on your playstyle (shotgun for close quarters, sniper for long range), learn common stash spots, and utilize grenades strategically.

Q4. We’re a small, aggressive team. What high-risk, high-reward zones should we target? 

Ans. Superstores and Television stations offer the best chances of snagging legendary weapons upon landing. However, be prepared for intense early engagements in these densely packed areas.