While developing an application, the developers remember a lot of things along with functionality. Having only a few premium features in an app is not enough unless you take care of its loading speed. In order for an app to be successful, it must reduce its load up time as much as possible. For this reason, in the IT sector, there is a concept known as cache files, which is also referred to as the fastest memory in computer peripheral devices.

If these cache files are damaged, then you will encounter a lot of errors. Today there are numerous established apps that do not have such loading speeds. For that, if you look at most troubleshooting guides, you will see the fix “Clear Cache“. Despite the fact that there are multiple apps showing this cause, Instagram users are very anxious about it. So here we will discuss cache files and how to clear the cache on Instagram.

How to Clear Instagram’s Cache the Right Way

Before clearing Instagram cache, you should know the core concept of cache. I mean what is cache and what is the purpose of introducing cache. So, Cache is a software component that interacts between CPU and Application Client to serve the Information client without wasting time. Meanwhile this is a temporary memory that stores on your system so when the cache client wants to access data, Cache serves the client with its temporary memory and reduces the lead time occurs for getting the same thing from main memory. 

In the meantime, cache files serve merely as a way to improve user experience and speed up the loading of applications as much as possible. But do you know exactly why cache files were introduced? The main purpose of cache files is to make everything run quicker, save data for later use, and to make everything run faster. But these benefits can be turned into errors when corrupted. The only reason we recommend clearing cache files when an app encounters an error is because they become corrupted.

You may also encounter slow loading times, app crashes, connectivity issues, or any other problems. If you clear the cache files, you could make a big difference and for sure fix almost all the problems relating it. But you may wonder how it do. If the data in the cache gets corrupted, then the app does not proceed and shows an error message. As a result, if you clear the corrupt cache, the app will begin storing fresh cache files and will work to its full potential. If you getting slow experience on your Instagram app, then clear up its cache. If don’t know follow these steps.

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Note: Since Instagtam is available to run over Web browsers, Android and iOS. Then you might be confuse and mess up the instructions for all of them. So, below are instructions to clear cache on all of them.

For Android 

Android applications can be manage from the application settings where you can manage its permissions respect to location, audio or any other. Similarly, You can take down cache files also thereto. So follow the instructions below to clear instagram cache files.

  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Scroll down to Application Management.
  • Find the Instagram App and tap on it.
  • Then Tap on Clear Cache option.
  • That’s it, Instagram’s Corrupt Cache will be cleared in a moment.

For iPhone/iPad

Being an iOS device, It has few restrictions but not that much so you cannot clear cache files. Whether you have iPhone or iPad, you can clear your instagram’s corrupt cache files easily. I know this thing could be hard for some because here navigation is different from Android. So, let’s have a look on instructions to clear instagram cache on iOS.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Scroll down throughout the settings and find the Instagram App.
  • Tap on Instagram and enable the toggle for “reset cache on next start”.
  • After that, launch the Instagram app and at that moment all corrupt files will be clear.
  • That’s it, you are done.

For Web browser

On browsers, there is no segregation to clear cache files but same as app here is also the cache files get corrupted. But here you need to clear the cache files from the instagran app itself. I expect here you face difficulty to clear cache. So, let’s have a quick overview of steps to clear Instagram cache files on the web.

  • Simply visit
  • Login to your account there.
  • Tap on your profile icon and get into settings.
  • From there, select the privacy & Security option.
  • Select view account data >> view all search history.
  • Now tap on clear search history and tap yes at the given prompt.
  • That’s it, you are done.

Besides that, To use the instagram app more perfectly you should always update your Instagram app. And whenever possible clear that cache files intervally. But note that clearing all that temporary data will also erase your login information. So do not worry for that just login to your account as usual. Now I hope you got the right way to clear up corrupt cache files over Instagram. And from now you don’t face any slow experience on instagram. Even after this guide, if anyuser have query then ask then all below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it OK to clear cache on Instagram?

Ans. It is completely safe to clear cache as afterall it will enhance your app experience.

Q2. What happens if I clear data in Instagram?

Ans. Since this is complete data that app store about you including your login information. So if you clear that then you will be log out from it.

Q3. What’s the difference between clear cache and clear data?

Ans. The main difference is Clear data includes your complete information including login credentials. While Clear Cache are those files that created while processing and usually to fasten the loading time on the app.

Q4. Can you clear Instagram cache on app?

Ans. You can clear it from Instagram’s app settings itself.