Google is finally preparing to update its Chrome Browser, Chrome Refresh 2023. This update will be available for Windows 11, macOS, and other Chrome-supported platforms. The company needs to roll it out in the stable version but has started testing it in beta. You can enable it through the Experimental Flag if you want to use it.

Let’s see how you can enable and use this 2023 Chrome Refresh, which is quite easy and straightforward. Don’t worry; it is also quite stable and will be available in the stable version in the coming months.

How to Get the Chrome 2023 Refresh

As I mentioned, this is yet to be available in Stable, so you first need to download Google Chrome Canary from Google Labs. Once downloaded, you need to install it on your PC, launch it, and boot the browser for the first time.

Now you need to enable the Experimental flag, and after restarting, you will get the Chrome 2023 refresh design. Although many things are still the same and new features or interface designs have yet to be seen, this design follows Google’s Material Design principles. The design has not undergone any major changes, meaning that most of the functionality will remain the same and be quite familiar.

How to Enable Google Chrome's 2023 Refresh Design

When you see the new Chrome 2023 design, you will find a slightly darker theme, better colors, and a larger right-click menu optimized for touch screens, so it will be family-friendly for Gen-Z. In addition to the big menu, you will also see rounded corners everywhere, and the padding between everything has been increased, making it even more user-friendly and touch-friendly for these apps. The address bar looks bigger than before, and the profile menu is more colorful now.

Along with this, the toolbars now have icons not there before, so every menu is now directly accessible and more identifiable. You will feel a bit more shuttled when hovering. The browser has also become quite colorful, and you can customize things according to your preferences. Google recently confirmed that the company is trying different colors, themes, and settings for Chrome in real-time. The company will release new icons for New Tabs, New Windows, New Password Manager, Extensions, Settings, and other things soon, which you will see in the coming times.

How to Enable Google Chrome’s 2023 Redesign

The new Google Chrome 2023 is available on Google Labs. Firstly, you need to download Google Chrome Canary. After that, you will see a Labs icon in the upper-right corner, where you can find the Chrome Refresh 2023 option. Just restart your browser, and you will have the Google Chrome 2023 redesign.

If you cannot find the new Google Chrome, you can still use this feature by enabling the Experimental flag.

How to Enable Google Chrome's 2023 Refresh Design
  • First, open Google Chrome Canary, and then visit chrome://flags.
  • After that, search for Refresh 2023 and enable Chrome-Webui, which will show the options #chrome-refresh-2023 and #chrome-webui-refresh-2023.
  • Once you enable it, you need to restart your browser, and the feature will be enabled.

After that, you need to check Google Labs and enable it. This way, you can use the Chrome 2023 refresh design. Several new adjustments, especially large touch targets, can be great for Gen-Z because they get large touch targets on mobile devices.

How to Enable Google Chrome's 2023 Refresh Design

Google has yet to confirm when this feature will be officially rolled out in Google Chrome Stable. However, as the company introduced this feature in Google Labs, it is expected to be available in the stable version of Google Chrome in the coming months.