Hey TechGreeks, Google always Introduce Some Interesting things but We don’t know how to Access them and Use them. Recently Google Comes With SOme Interesting Chrome Flags.

Before Proceed further, Consider the Chrome Latest Version. I Suggest if you Didn’t Update YOur Chrome Yet Make Sure You Update your Google Chrome Browser.
Okay, I am Definitely Sure that most of the People don’t Really Know about Google Chrome Flag. So These are the Upcoming Features on Google Chrome or Say as experimental Features. These are Similar as Beta Version.

All you have to do to access these You Need to Write in URL addresses or Using Chrome://Flags. In this Page, you will find a ton no of List of Experiment. Along there is Warning on the Top of Page Suggest that these features are unstable but Most of the time these are Stable.

So guys let’s look toward these Amazing and great Features on Google Chrome Which definitely Enhance your User Experience.

Let’s Start From Opening the Chrome Browser. Here you Seen a No of Click bat article. You can Disable it by Hiding. But What if You can Disable This Feature. All you have to do You have to Disable NTP Remote Suggestion from Chrome Flag Page.

Remember that you have to Relaunched the Browser Every Single time when you changed the Setting. So, I suggest that First Read this Article along Changing Setting in Chrome Flag. After Changing your All Setting You Can Relaunch the Chrome Browser.

We all Hate the Re-direct Website Which Contains Un-necessary ads and Malware. You can Stay Protection Using the Chrome Flag, Enable framebusting. Don’t Worry it not Block all your Re-directed Link only it Help you to Not to Re-directed by the Website themselves.

In our Life, We all Have Faced the Issue WIth Downloading Especially with Larger File. But You can’t Even do anything. But Preventing is Better than Cure Always. You can use Parallel Downloading Chrome FLag.

It allows you to Downloading Larger File More Faster than Before. Okay, I accept it not Fix the Issue. It Creates 3 Part of the Downloading File. WHich Make the File faster to download and make Sure your FIle downloading Without a crash.
Next Once! We all Familiar With Address bar.

This helps you to Share and Allow you to Rewrite But in a Long Process way. You can Make this Process a Little Faster By Enabling the Search Ready Omnibox. Where it brings all the option in one place.

By default, Android Doesn’t Provide you to Select a Download location for Individual File. You can Manage this By Enabling the Download Locating Change in Chrome Flag.

The Way Chrome Browser Serves the Basic UI Brings issue like the Burger Menu at top. Means Everything is on the top but You can Enjoy the latest UI By enabling the Chrome Duet from Chrome Flag. You definitely Love the Way it Show at the Bottom of Chrome.

Best way to Check the Link is in the Same page Without Opening in the New tab. Something knows this Feature as Sneak peek. You can Enable this Feature from Chrome Flag by Ephemeral Tab in an Overlay Panel.

We all Love The Dark Mode For a reason. There is a Function to Enable the Dark mode But in Different way.

First, you need to Enable Dark mode UI from Chrome Flag and On from the Setting. You Simple Head over Setting and Click over Dark mode after Enable the Dark Mode from There.

gestures Made everything Easier. You can also Use in your Chrome Browser. It enjoys the way of Enabling the History Navigation with gestures Setting. Then You can Swipe Right Vise Versa to Use it.

If you like me to Read Article, But Want the Simple Way to Read a Book. But the Annoying Ads Interrupt you So You can Enable the Reader mode in CCT. Now you only Have to Open the Bottom SUggestion to View the Simplified View of the Website. There You find the Dark, Light and Sepia Mode along Changing the Font Size.

Most of Love the Basic History Navigation on Android, What if it is Possible in Chrome as Well. So You Should Enable Overscrolling History Navigation from Chrome Flag Page. Doing these all Setting you Relaunch the Chrome Browser.

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Thanks for Being With us, Let us Know your Opinion and Share your Valuable Feedback With Us. We definitely Improve further. Stay tuned for More Further Updates.