Google is one the evergreen tech companies across the globe that offers plenty of services to their users. Initially, it roared as a Search engine, but later on, it expanded significantly. It has its own fitness app, browser, mail service, and numerous things. I especially like the Google Chrome browser, which has been running for 15 years. Google regularly tries to improve user experience on their products.

Fortunately, a few days back, they celebrated the 15th Anniversary of Google Chrome, and on that behalf, they introduced a new update for Chrome. This time, they changed the complete appearance, including menus, sub-menus, and Integral options. However, the excitement to celebrate the 15th Anniversary is like very few people know about What is new in Chrome’s anniversary update. So, let us discuss what is added new.

Google Chrome’s 15th Anniversary Update: Unveiling the Latest Features!

The New Update showcased everything that a Chrome user wants. It ranges from visuals to security. This is not the first time Google has released any new update. However, being a thing of their Anniversary, people are expecting something unique. Moreover, for sure, such people’s expectations will be true as we have seen plenty of features and the fixation of previous bugs. So, let us look at each new feature and understand what we can do with it.

New Refreshed Design

Google added a new appearance option for the entire globe. From now users have one more option to get another design of customizations. You will see that the Material You Redesign includes new icons and color palettes. Not only that, you can choose the color appearance whatever you want. Simply tap the Customize tab and choose the newly added color palette to use. After this, you will see a new comprehensive menu added to the browser along with other flexibility.

Redesigned Web Store

When installing new extensions, you see Chrome’s web store, which appears basic. But with the new update, it was also Redesigned. Since the AI concept arrived, users have had difficulty locating AI extensions from that store. But now, with the new design, the web store gets a separate section for AI extensions and Editors Spotlight. So, just update your Chrome and jump to this newly designed web store.

Comprehensive Menu

Before this update, whenever we wanted to access options like extension, history, downloads, settings, or anything. As keen users, we need to pass from numerous tabs. It seems to be the only pathway, but it takes a lot of time. Nevertheless, from now on, with a new update, those options came outside, or I can say faster access to it so that the user does not need to get into that path and saves much time.

Improved Safe browsing

Previously, whenever there was any site that could harm you first shared it with Google, and later on, it declared it a bad site or a Good one. But with the new 15th Anniversary update, Google Chrome checks that site’s real-time legality and helps you save from there instead of sharing user history. Meanwhile, now check which site is safe to visit on a timely basis. 

class="wp-block-heading">Added new search tools 

The Google Side panel was previously limited to specific tools, but there is a slight change from getting the new update on Chrome. I mean to say, the Google Side panel now includes new search tools like related searches, learning more about a page source, and Starting another search altogether. So, whenever you are on a web page, select Search this page with the Google option from the three-dot menu, and you will see the change.

Besides these additions, when you update Chrome with the new 15th Anniversary update, you will see many improvements over previously reported bugs. Meanwhile, the new Chrome update become a boon for numerous Chrome-dependent users. So, do not get that late; simply update your Chrome to the latest version available. After reading the above content, I hope you all know exactly what was added in Chrome’s new update. Even after that, if any user has a query, ask them below.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is Chrome doing in 2023?

Ans. Initially, they released a refreshed look and recently celebrated their 15th Anniversary with a new update.

Q2. Is New Chrome safe?

Ans. Of course, Infect, the new update, has a more enhanced protection feature.

Q3. What will be in Chrome 100?

Ans. The special about Chrome 100 is it would be the last version to support unreduced user-agent strings.

Q4. Is Chrome getting faster?

Ans. With this new update, even Chrome got 25% faster than it was in the last update.