Meta is a name that has been associated with numerous social media giants making a name for itself as the leading platform. These platforms are Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. As far as we all know, there is no substitute or complementary app for these. The reason is that the service they offer is unique and no one else can provide it.

Nevertheless, Instagram is a prominent social media platform. Even so, there are still numerous users who worry as they cannot find out who has blocked them. Meanwhile, they don’t know who has barred them. This is why we studied the issue and want to provide you with all the relevant details about someone blocking you on Instagram.

How to know if someone has blocked you on Instagram?

How to check if someone has blocked you on Instagram?

Blocking on Instagram is never fun, regardless of the reason why you are blocked. But it is difficult to know who has blocked you on Instagram. Nevertheless, you can take it easy by thinking about what would happen if you blocked someone. All the feeds of the blocked user will disappear. Additionally, the user you blocked can’t like, comment, or share your posts.

On the other hand, the blocked user can’t mention and message you. In addition, a blocked user can visit your profile and you will also disappear from its search results. So, these are the things that will happen to the person that you block on Instagram. Think of it as if you were blocked by someone on Instagram.

I know it is challenging for a beginner to know if someone has blocked him or not. In order to ease such users, we are sharing some methods below on how to find out if someone has blocked you.

Use the search bar – The most effective thing to do is to search for the username that you doubt he has blocked. Even when you enter his username, his account does not appear. It means you have been blocked by him. Alternatively, you can confirm the same through any other Instagram account.

Visit the user profile – If you have any doubts about someone, make sure to visit his Instagram profile. If you can’t see that user account, it might be possible that the respective person has blocked you on Instagram. 

Aside from these methods, make sure you check whether the conditions we have discussed are met or not. If you are following, it is confirmed that someone has blocked you on Instagram. You may find some hustle in these consequences. Then you can use Followmeter to

check your Instagram account activity.